Watch: White House Press Secretary Evades All Questions, Says She’ll Have To “Circle Back”

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  1. This lady in way over her head. Gender identity hiring failed in this instance. Biden should have her replaced asap. Jen is making the President look bad.

  2. The optic aggression. A democrat lady with the field of the dream her bulling day.

    All her optics all her paradise. Count the number of times you will hear that word now and say Bucket List. They may just have to get their plastic eyes checked by a real doctor soon.

    To the bias and the best. This group of democrats yet has been seen but the smooth of their money and their put downs is too slight to be real. Optical. Just like their appreciation for your rain you want to harvest a humane future.

  3. When she doesn’t have an answer she says so. She has a press conference everyday. Answers a-lot of questions. Unlike Trump’s press secretaries se does not make stuff up, nor does she insult the press, nor does she read prepared answers from a binder.

  4. Did you even watch the press briefings or do you just post what is going around on social media?
    This clip may be funny, but its not a full story. She answers a LOT of questions. On the answers she does not know, she says she doesn’t know, but she will find out and circle back. Which she does.
    On Twitter, this can go viral, because they are not looking for facts.
    As a news site, you should check your facts.

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