Watch: White Neighbors Kneel Down And Beg Their Black Neighbors For Forgiveness For Racism

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  1. ומרדכי לא יערה ולא ישתחוו
    לא יומתו אבות על בנים ולא בנים על אבותם

      • Glad to help!

        What’s beautiful? ”

        That we are acknowledging real systemic racist problems in America

        “What change?”
        Hopefully the above!

        any other questions.

        Keep asking ,t hats how you learn things don’t be shy

    • What in the world did they need to ask forgiveness for? *
      For what did they need to ask forgiveness? *
      WHY in the world did they need to ask for forgiveness? *

      I forgive you for your poor grammar.

      But seriously, you see and hear from this that in one’s core being it is understood that there are races. Nobody believes in “Equal but not Separate.” (Yes, I know the famous expression coming from the equally famous segregation case of the SCOTUS is Separate, but Equal.)

  2. This is so stupid, you need to be on both knees to ask forgiveness, everybody knows that. One knee is for a proposal, or for incredibly succesful and wealthy athletes to protest the country that gave them their fame and wealth. Morons.

  3. Let them come now an kneel and apologize to their Jewish brothers for years and years of systemic anti-semitism.

    • Reb Mordechai, I had an upsetting experience yesterday. For the first time, I experienced a vile anti-Semitic remark from a white supremacist. I said to myself, wow, they really do exist. I’ve lived in NYC all my life and only heard these kinds of remarks from black people.

  4. I think the blacks should get on their knees and apologize to me for destroying the beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood where I grew up.

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