Watch: Who Else Could Depart The White House By The End Of 2018?

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After the announcement of chief of staff John Kelly’s exit, former Bush adviser Brad Blakeman says the president needs to get into campaign mode for 2020.



  1. Trump became President because of his honesty and amazing qualifications. Trump is a G-d fearing person who cares about G-d and the citizens, unlike all other politicians. Unfortunately, there are very few people on his level in the government he can work with. All his picks were from the filthy swamp; hence all the ousting.

    • Love your comment!
      He is truly g-d fearing it is hard to imagine him cheating on multiple wives, scamming people with a fradulent university

      and of course his honesty is well known.

      I am having a hard tiem understanding why his picks were all from “the filthy swamp” when one of his campaign promises (no not the wall, that he of course built, the other one) was to “drain the swamp”

      Oh how I love alternative facts!

      • And you know all that from …. CNN. Who else is so good at maligning Trump?
        Did you personally witness all these slanders you’re accusing him?

        • Umm yes

          He has boasted about them, hoddas baal din kemeah eidim dami.

          Here is an easy one he said he would “drain the swamp”
          Yet you (correctly) point out “All his picks were from the filthy swamp”

          So much for his honesty


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