Watch: With Egg On Its Face, What’s Next for the ‘Never Trump’ Movement?

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The National Review’s Rich Lowry and Trump campaign senior adviser Barry Bennett join the debate on ‘The Kelly File.’




  1. egg on their face? Matzav, you are being too kind. These anti-Trump people have done everything to stop him. Websites trying to stop him have gone into the dirt. So they have more than egg. It is the biggest embbarrassment. May they keep having egg and dirt on their face.

  2. PEOPLE DONT GET IT. the never trump people wont vote for him. . its a grass roots movement and we will not vote for a con man not yesterday and not today.

  3. B. vote hillary te con woman who doesn’t stop lying, and whatever the one who is now in the white house, didn’t destroy america, she would!!!!!!


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