Watch: Woman Dragged Off Southwest Flight

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    • Because she claimed to be allergic to dogs and there were dogs on the plane and her safety couldn’t be guaranteed so they dragged her off.

  1. U wished there was more context about what exactly was going on not to mention the lack of tznius being broadcast by “Jewish” sites

  2. She claimed to have a severe dog allergy and demanded to boot a service dog, which would mean booting a disabled person who uses that service dog. The airline turned the tables on her by requiring her to produce a doctor’s note stating that she is safe to fly, which she did not produce. In order to protect itself from a lawsuit brought by the alleged allergy sufferer, without any way to cover itself without a doctor’s note, without an option to kick out a service dog and its disabled person due to facing an even larger lawsuit, the airline had no other option but to require her to disembark, which she refused and that’s why police had to get involved. Welcome to the trial lawyer heaven, where everybody’s only concern is to cover their back sides.


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