Watch: Women of the Wall Rosh Chodesh “Minyan” at the Kosel Leads to Melee

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The Women of the Wall continued their effort to change the status quo at the Kosel today with a Rosh Chodesh “davening” that led to a scuffle with protestors.

Several hundred Jews protested the “minyan” of Reform and Conservative women.

A firestorm ensued, and, as some people blew whistles and yelled, police tried to quell the protests.

The group of women managed to smuggle in a Sefer Torah from which to read, but their prayer service was cut short by the melee.

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David Steger – Israel


  1. World humor sees that the melee at the wall is so scary to just feeling G-d is our friend that no idea of the women of the wall can be ever so slight.

    The slight face of hate is so angry that every woman to try to smuggle a Torah is yet another referendum on the hate created by the non-orthodox movements to destroy the neshama of Israel.

    This is a clear call for more to daven, but also to pray all of our shemonei esrei in the mood of clairvoyant concern for the rights of our own faces in society.

    The women of the wall never wanted anything other than good abortion providers, women rabbis and more hate for the safety of Israel.

    This is a clear hate and the melee is a clear concern as well.

    But the way to fix this is to wait more to more strength in our own homes. We must give charity and we can discuss the hate in our commerce and our day.

    Ultimately, until these hate-women find that they do not have active human rights to promote hate-abortions and require the careless slave-zona to be a “rabbi”, we will not have this concern to think that Hashem has dished us out a universe of hate for our very existence in prayer and humor at the most holiest of places. In all thoughts, as long as hate is going on in Israel from the palestinians, all negative feelings for living safe are a constant concern.

    But lets see how this civic hate-catastrophe keeps getting fixed.

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