Watch: World of Wonder – Farm Animals


The second installment in the World of Wonder/Niflaos Haborei series, this video focuses on various farm animals and their relevance in our Torah-centered lives. After a short introduction by Rabbi Paysach Krohn, the video features Rabbi Daniel Senter on his very own farm, along with Gedalia the animated goat. Watch them as they explain what defines a bird as kosher, and as they point out some of the characteristics of ducks, quail, and chickens. Also featured are donkeys and the mitzvah of pidyon peter chamor, pigs, and goats. This video provides an excellent forum for cultivating a greater appreciation of the niflaos haborei and also raises awareness of several animal-related halachos and mitzvos. The video runs for 20 minutes. To view the first video in this series, please search for “Bee Amazing”.

Directed by:
Chananya Kramer

Produced by:
Kolrom Multimedia

Malka Leah Josephs

Rabbi Daniel Senter

Motion Graphics, Animation, & Illustration by:
Tim Brosius
Cullen Cook

Edited by:
Adina Chesir
Aliza Elman
Faigy Lazewnik
Nechama Meisler

Voice Actor:
Rabbi Yehuda Deutsch

Malka Leah Josephs

Musical Arrangements Written and Performed by:
Michael Bihovsky

Recording Engineer:
Michael Bihovsky


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