Watch: Yaakov Shwekey Interview on Kikar HaShabbat, Points to Kiddush Hashem of Concerts and His Music



  1. Let’s not throw around the term kiddush hashem. If a kiddush hashem is when 90,000 Jews celebrate the siyum hashas, how can it also be a kiddush hashem when some. Jews sing along at a concert?

    • That’s the dumbest thing I heard in a long time, it’s like saying lets only do the “big Mitzvos” because how can these little “small mitzvos” be considered anything. The point is when you have a concert and everyone is singing b’achdus that’s a massive kiddush hashem!!

    • You may not have understood what he said that by a recent concert in France many unaffiliated people were Mekabel on themselves at the event to do certain Mitzvos.

  2. Why does a kiddush Hashem usually involve singing inspirational songs and a “chillul Hashem” involves protesting something evil (like alternative lifestyles). Does dying Al kiddush Hashem mean dying to sing inspirational songs?

  3. He means to say that many people become inspired thru the songs and music and therefore it can be used to mekarev people. In that sense it’s kidush Hashem.


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