Watch: Yaakov Shwekey Sings New Song, “I Am Alive,” at CTeen Event in Times Square, NY

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Composed by Yitzy Waldner



  1. “…..והעולה על רוחכם היו לא תהיה אשר אתם אמרים נהיה כגוים כמשפחות הארצות”
    (יחזקאל כ)

  2. It is just so interesting to see this video in contrast with the video of Avrham Fried and MBD singing together at the ATime event. I think the differences speak for themselves. Let’s try to get closer to genuine yiddishkeit, not further away.

  3. I think it’s appropriate for the crowed he was singing to…but anyways,to “just saying” what a shallow observation, there are plenty of videos of Shwekey one of those then listen to one of Frieds English songs…
    And why not get a head start in getting closer to genuine yiddishkeit & see the good in people!

  4. To “Just saying” It was completely appropriate for the audience he had. If you want to get “closer to genuine yiddishkeit” stop criticizing people.


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