Watch: Yerachmiel Begun Singing at His Son’s Wedding Last Night in Lakewood’s Fountain Ballroom



  1. One of the greatest composers of our generation. Thank you Yerachmiel for your amazing contribution to to what is truly both Jewish and Music. Mazal Tov- and have lots of nachas!

    • Tehran there was something called sfira. Your really good at remembering.
      There wad also something called halacha. In case you didn’t know some people follow halacha and keep the first half (meaning till lag baomer) that’s 100% fine according to halacha . And even if you keep a different you are allowed to go to a wedding of someone who keeps a different minhag.
      Hopefully you’ll remember this

  2. Actually, until recently, there were never any chasunas after Lag Baomer no matter which half of sefira you were following.
    This is new developement in klal yisroel

    • 1. Obviously the wedding was ל”ג בעומר and this was posted “late.” 2. Among certain groups of Sephardim, weddings after ל”ג בעומר are just fine, no mourning at all – and fairly common.

  3. BH there are more weddings- -yet there are the same amount of days in the year – hence the weddings after Lag B’Omer.

  4. Finally a Frum artist who has the sechel to differentiate bet his personal and public life. Beautiful to see how he is focused on simchas chosson vkalla and his sons wedding and not busy being “Yerachmiel Begun”.


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