Watch: Yerachmiel Begun & The Miami Boys Choir Carpool Karaoke

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Join Radio host, MC and music maven Yossi Zweig as he drives around with the world renowned Miami Boys Choir and their composer, arranger and choir leader for over 40 years, the famed Yerachmiel Begun as they drive to practice. Coming of the success of their latest hit album “Le’olam Va’ed – Forever,” get to see some of the famed soloists sing these new hits live with ME. Ever wonder what MBC is like off stage? What DOES it take to be in the choir? and what are some of the personalities of these mega talented children? Find out all that and more in this exciting Carpool KaraOYke.


Filmed by: Z Entertainment
Additional Footage: Yossi Tepper – Video Maven
Edited by: Miami Studios


    • I was wondering the same thing. With all the tragedies recently regarding driving accidents, this video is reckless and a Chillul Hashem. Distracted drivers is a terrible development. Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them.

    • The phone use seems to be okay, but the kids (and a certain grown-up) aren’t belted properly all of the time! Rabbosai, this is PIKUACH NEFESH!!! None of us has a life to spare and all of us are incredibly precious, to our families, friends and of course (we have a harder time with this) to Hashem Yisborach. So follow ALL traffic safely rules.


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