Watch: Yiddish Nachas’ “Bunei” Music Video


Yiddish Nachas LIVE! brings the sweetest sounds of the Yiddish Nachas hit albums to the live stage. The debut music video offers you a glimpse into your next event’s main event.

Innocent, cherubic and adorable, these sweet children are handpicked for marvelous musicality and talent. And under the tutelage of astute producer and talent curator Moshy Krauss they sparkle in the spotlight while leaving in the shadows everything you know about children’s choirs.

As the Yossi Green says, “I used to think you only get Nachas from your own, until I heard these kinderlach.”


Yiddish Nachas – Bunei
Composed by: Yossi Green
Produced by: Moshy Kraus
Music arranged by: Naftali Schnitzler
Mixed by: Larry Gates



  1. Very nice, catchy tune. The kids were very cute kn”h. Lemaaseh, Yossi Green is a master in composing beautiful Yiddisheh nigunim. The only thing I couldn’t understand, is what’s the sheichus of throwing water balloons?


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