WATCH: Yisroel Besser On Reopening Children Camps

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  1. The point isn’t o oh the “camp” it’s the complete tyranny and hypocrisy going on and that’s what we deserve to be upset about. And anyone not upset should realize they should be because there is a severe level of tyranny and hypocrisy going on

    • Agree 100 !!!
      Yes Hashem does run the world but when there is such hypocrisy from this mayor and governor keeping parks, Shuls & camps shut while tens of thousands march the streets for Floyd/justice NO PROBLEM why not call them out?!
      Yes this is what Hashem wants but I honestly don’t see what’s to lose by speaking up and voicing our opinions. Please enlighten me

    • So basically according to his logic, it’s the same thing/attitude towards Yeshivos, Chadorim, Bais Yaakovs, Batei Knesios, etc… being closed. Yey, yippee. We are so so so lucky that we were kicked out and forced to stay home including the entire Pesach. Yey yippee, no duchening. Yippee No Hallel. Yippee. No yud gimmel midos. Yippee. No teffilas hatal. Yippee. No krias hatorah. I am so happy. I am ecstatic. What an am ha’aretz. This speaker is in lala land completely out-of-touch with reality.

  2. Wow! Finally someone who has something that has been lacking this whole virus season– emunah! We can protest, scream, burn buildings, cry, wail, whatever but we will get the same results or better if we choose to follow mordechai hatzadik’s derech. Teshuva tefillah u’tzedakah combined with quiet hishtadlus. Thank you Rabbi Besser for some much needed seichel!

  3. This is insensitive to the thousands of frum parents living in small Brooklyn apartments. In the building where I live the apartments are no bigger than 2 bedrooms but they have several children. There are no parks or playgrounds open and both the parents and the children have been effectively imprisoned. Perhaps for middle or upper class families a summer without camp is merely uncomfortable. For the thousands of families with inadequate living space, a summer without camp is a real suffering.

  4. The issue is “the abuse and discrimination against Jews” while our people keep taking government funds and deliver ZERO.

  5. *Right:*
    1) Governor Coumo doesn’t run the world , & neither do the askonim , & everything is from above , as it’s known to us from them Nusach of the song ידעתי, but Governor Coumo is a baal b’chirah , & what people are teineh’ing (which I’m not confirming or denying , cause I’m not b’soich the sugyah) is that he might have inferior motives here…..
    2) Demonstrations & Sharp comments against Government Officials on Social Media are definitely not the ultimate Torah way , especially when it’s not Noigeiah to Mamesh Yesodos HaDas , & might very well go into the category of התגרות באומות ר״ל….
    ויה״ר שלא ישמע שוד ושבר בגבולינו , ושנהיה בריאים ושלימים לאורך ימים ושנים

  6. Never mind camps – A beautiful MUSSAR speech for all of us – whether we have camp age kids or not. Yeyasher Koach for putting a proper perspective on life.

  7. your on target ,but we still must continue our job right now as many gedolim have said to do what we can to open the camps .You can talk to your children all you want …

    • With all due respect Rabbi Besser, I really enjoy your articles in Mishpacha magazine, and usually I am in agreement with your take on issues in our community. This time, however, I have to go with “seeyog lachachma shtikah”. I have grandchildren that are going nuts from being stuck in the house for so many months and were looking forward to camp. Their parents are seriously losing it. Maybe now wasn’t the best time to give mussar to those that are hurting. It’s especially painful when you see the hypocritical Cuomo whose draconian rules make no sense. Yes it is all from Hashem but we are also obligated to do our part to right a wrong. Rabbi Besser, you’re entitled to your opinion, but expressing right now is not appreciated.

  8. Excuse me Rabbi Besser I don’t have any children going to camp, yet I’m very upset at the governor and mayor for two reasons. One as everyone can see there is a blatant double standard. In fact, for some things there is no standard. If you sell food and clothing you can be open, but if you only sell clothing you can’t open. My granddaughter goes to a school in NJ As a school you can’t open but as a day care you could open. Does that make any sense. Second, Boro Park, Williamsburg, Lakewood, parts of Monsey have opened up between Lag beomer or Shavuos. We see in these places its over a month and there have been no new cases. There is no logical reason why camps shouldn’t open with guidelines. When the pandemic started they said quarantine so as not to overwhelm the hospitals. What’s the excuse now. What’s the end game.? To most people it looks like they have no plan. To close just for the sake of closing is ridiculous.

  9. Don’t go to work so as not to say a bracha levatala what happened to good old hishtadlus which we did not do a good job of as we have had our shuls and yeshivos closed
    who quote unquote worked tirelessly for sleep away camp what a joke

  10. We the residents of Lakewood NJ are blessed with an experienced successful physician Dr. Shanik shlita. We should seek and follow his recommendation. Can Matzav speak with Dr. Shanik?

    • if that’s the only thing camps are worried about then they need to think about this deeper. somebodies parnosah shouldnt threaten peoples lifes.

  11. Why are Satmer camps opening and not Agudahs?

    Cuomo did’t say anything about the huge Satmer chasunah either.

    Something is not right here.

  12. I am sorry but this is insensitive to people without brains. Please explain this in a way that most of the readers here will understand.

  13. Sometimes when we touch the honesty is too much and i want to say these words to youuu. That was a great song in the 80s and it rings true now more than ever. Go habs go. 2020 brings stanleys cup back to its home on barclay.

  14. Rabbi Besser- Thank you for devarim amitiyim that as hard as it may be, we know that Hashem does control all the politicians.

  15. Although he’s a great guy, I’m generally not maskim to Sruly’s articles, but with this he’s 100% right.
    Hishtadlus is something we should be doing in Albany, but to our children and even amongst ourselves we must recognize that this is the Ribono shel olam’s plan. Who really knows what’s right? For all you know there may be actually a live being saved by this? (although I don’t, for a second believe, these clowns closing camps could care less about it). Maybe the ribono shel olam is not so excited with all these camps? Camp Bnos costs $2500 a half, who knows how many young people are going into debt because their daughter must go to “so and so” camp? We know nothing of the master plan the RBS”O has.


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