Watch: Yoel Gold Shares The Full Story Of ‘Yehuda From Lakewood’ Who Saved A Man From Financial Ruin

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  1. We had the zechus as we often do of having Yehuda daven with us this past Shabbos. He is quiet and unassuming. Klal yisroel is blessed with so many unsung heroes. It’s nice that he was caught in the act. May this zechus stand for him and his family for generations.
    Mispallei Berdichev kloiz

  2. How about the story in Boro Park a fish store had a fire and another store took him into his store for 4 weeks they were actually running 2 stores out of one store

  3. By the blackout of ’03, an ice cream manufacturer in a neighborhood that had electricity called the owner of a manufacturer from a neighborhood without electricity, and told him he can store all his ice cream in his freezer…


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