Watch: Yom Ha’atzmaut in Bet Shemesh

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  1. Focus on the extraordinary program of all Jews, highlighting the Charedim Boys Choir at the Yom Hazikaron gathering in Bet Shemesh.

    The above video of Yidden (maybe) protesting are the Meah Shearim rejects that are getting smaller & smaller in number every year.

  2. Correct me if I am mistaken, but isn’t Beit Shemesh in its entirety built and paid for by the very same “Zionist” government? This is not a place like Jerusalem that had a pre-existing “old yishuv” that the Zionists invaded.

  3. The Neturei Karta are upset because

    1) The predictions of the terrible disaster Zionism will bring to Klall Yisroel has
    never materialized. On the contrary, it ended up (even with its problems) as a blessing
    to the frum & non-Frum communities. The net gain far outweighs the negative.

    There has never been so much Torah learning in E.Y. for the past 2000 years as now in the
    Zionist State. Thanks to them they pay hundreds of millions of Shekel to the Chadorim Yeshivos Kollelim
    Bais Yakovs Rabonim Dayanim Mikvaos etc
    The Zionist protects millions of Yidden from Shmad. In Chutz Laaretz intermarriage rate is up to 85%
    In E.Y. it’s less than 2%

    If you count all the thousands of Sefardim and hundreds of Yaldei Tehran who became non-frum
    (because of the Zionist?) it is not as terrible as the MILLIONS of Yidden Sefardim & Ashkenazim who
    became GOYIM in the past 70 years because they weren’t Zionist. (lived in Chutz Laaretz & assimilated with Goyim)

    2) We need to thank Hashem (every day not only on Yom Haatzmaut) for not allowing the
    terrible predictions from the NK to come true. We need to thank Hashem for all the blessings
    Frum community in the Zionist have

    We are not allowed to be כפויי טוב to the Zionist.

    It’s about time to stop blaming the Zionist for all failings in Yiddishkeit.

  4. Why do you even post this trash? Are you reporting the news or just baiting for trouble. You’re no better than a junk tabloid

  5. The protest leader is chanting in IVRIT!!! GEEEVALLLDDDD!!!

    And shouldn’t they put Tzitzis on those sackcloth things??

    • Since they are not from the בני ישראל and in fact they are from the ערב רב they are not מחויב to wear ציצית

  6. THESE pseudo Jews are a bunch of sickos who have nothing to do with their time.. in previous times they would have been placed in cherem and worse…


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