Watch: Yonason Schwartz Calls Out Shomrim for Shutting Down 7 Boro Park Blocks for a Bike Registration Event

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  1. Well, re. a Hachnosas Sefer Torah, we also have to be mindful of our Non-Jewish neighbors who don’t have to suffer because we want to dance with a new Sefer.
    And they don’t have to hear a hundred time “Chazi Chazi Bonei Chavivei”, which signifies that only we Yidden are the Creator’s beloved children.
    HKB”H expects us to have sincere empathy and caring to All human beings, and only then will HE no-longer instigate Anti Semitism towards us.

    • god will do what he pleases. why do you think if jews are nice or not antisemitism will stop? are you saying jews have never been nice to goyim? what logic are you using?

  2. And if they had done it on 19th on a Sunday when the Sanitation Depot is closed there would have been only winners. I, for one, struggled with traffic which cost me over half an hour and for what?? Stupidity! It’s not really that important a community service that it warranted the discomfort of so, so many! Shameful indeed!

  3. First of all there are enough other things to kvetch about and second of all the all the Yiddish for suffering is “leidin” not “sufferin”

  4. Ironically this is how the non jews feel when streets are closed for weddings, hachnosas sefer torah, or when 13th Ave is not passable because of the congestion
    Suddenly when the locals are bothered , then it’s a problem. What goes around comes around.

  5. Yonasan owns a store on that block so it’s understandable that he’s peeved.

    BTW I was stuck in traffic for 15 minutes yesterday on Bay Parkway because a church had a street parade.


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