Watch: You Can Do Purim the Scoop Lifestyle Way

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Learn from the master Heshy Jay how to set your Purim seuda table for a truly memorable look! This dreamy Caribbean inspired party was created as a springboard for you to work from. Get creative, you can follow these directions, or you can use materials like bark and moss, and achieve a different, yet equally dramatic effect. Find accents and details in the most unexpected places. At the link below you will find some links to assist you in collecting all the items to create a similar magnificent table, but feel free to use your own resources, and items you have collected.




  1. There was a lot of thought,expense,time to create the lovely table. It’s gorgeous.However I would like to see the
    people I am dining with.

  2. Looks like there’s no room on the table for any food! On Purim people are more interested in drinking than the decor. In my family it’s the food that counts not the decoration. I also think it is weird for a man to be into this. I thought it was more a woman’s thing. I don’t mind reading about such things in magazines, after all that what sells them, but, to actually set my table this way? No Way!

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