WATCH: Young Boy on Bike Run Over at Valet Parking Lot on 39th Street in Boro Park

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  1. Notice how only the man goes over to see if the boy is okay. There are 4 women in the video who only expressed shock but did nothing to comfort the kid. Yeh, keep playing with your phones. So much for feminism.

    • Big tzeleiger. What would you have done the first moment in a state of shock when there’s no way in the world you can lift the car?

    • Watch the video. Only the man was facing in that direction, the women were all looking the other way when it happened. So he was the first to react.

      BTW where are the kid’s parents???????

      • Probably just a few feet away but not in the camera’s view. It isn’t unusual for a child to run ahead. Haven’t you ever walked with children?

    • I didn’t see phones in anyone’s hands. The man was closest. A woman, who was further away, also ran over to the child.
      I don’t envy the women in you family

  2. No comments on the driver…? The boy should have no worries crusing down on the sidewalk. Sadly New Yorkers are so misguided..!

    • right, because driveways are there for……?
      yes the driver seems, and thats seems, to go to fast, but notch back on the “boy should have no problem” stuff

  3. Awayfrommadness: from your comment I am guessing that you don’t realize that block is not a residential street but a business zone that has multiple driveways including the KRM parking lot. I would not let my child ride a bicycle on that block.


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