Watch: Youngsters Taught to Hate the State of Israel at Street March

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  1. ask the Yemeni elders, They will tell you the sad truth, Israel kidnapped their kids at birth to secularize them. Interestingly everybody knew, for some reason 90 percent of the Yemeni newborns mysteriously “died” and there was no proof provided, when 98 percent of non Yemeni newborns survived in those same hospitals.

    Ask your grandparents, Read about the wwii era. Israel was against accepting jewish refuges, and had the british turpedo some of the boats rather than let the jews disembark to freedom.

    Read the news, every other day one can see how the govt (even today) is attempting to forcefully secularize the orthodox. This is with attempting to force them out from the kotel. obviously the “wow” effect will remove the orthodox from their holiest site. The only obstacle were the mk’s, not the govt.

    reform jews. Nobody has any issue when the reform jews have their own temple and don’t bother the orthodox. with their attendance in decline they need to stay relevant. One way is to go for the cream of the pie, the rabanut. Bibi as well as many of the mks have no issue with this.

    Bottom line, Rather than just bashing these (not that I agree with them), educate yourselves. Have a roundtable discussion with them and you’ll be amazed by their points and proof.

    • You sound just as rational as the “Black lives matter” movement.

      A real “protest” is performed by adult protestors who want to stand up for what they believe in, not by children who are without their own thoughts. These children are on a summer camp trip, they think this funny. These children are being manipulated like sheep by led by a Shepard with his own agenda.


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