Wave Of Evictions Could Be Coming For Nation’s Renters


The federal moratorium on evictions signed into law in March as part of the CARES Act is set to expire Friday night at midnight, setting up the potential for a wave of evictions in the middle of a pandemic that President Trump acknowledged this week will get worse before it gets better.

It’s possible that the moratorium will be extended as part of a new relief bill, but Congress is mired in negotiations and is not expected to finalize legislation until early August.

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  1. You mean finally people will have to start paying rent again. No free living while the landlord has to pay taxes repairs, maintenance, and utilities out of pocket with no income. Perhaps now they should focus on the groceries. Perhaps they can be sucked dry now.

  2. Let’s feel bad for the landlords with multiple apartments that are vacant or where there are renters who have stopped paying rent. There is no reason that a landlord of a 120 unit building should be paying astronomical taxes with no income. It’s time for these landlords to sue the criminals who have illegal apartments and are taking cash payments from renters, renters who have no protection from evictions because the ashkans have us vote for their pockets and these criminals help line those pockets. I know that the City Council and Mayor is more interested in “legalizing” these illegal apartments by paying incentives to the criminals. What a joke, to quote a criminal who refused to take $200 a month from the state for his illegal basement apartment when the renter couldn’t pay. If I were a major landlord, I would have a class action suit filed against every one with an illegal basement/cellar apartment and demand 200% of the last sale price as a penalty.

  3. No. It’s a matter of dina dimalchusa dina. It’s the same thing with the social distancing and mask mandates. It’s the same thing with driving over the speed limit or parking by a pump. You can’t pick and choose which laws you’re going to keep. You greedy landlords don’t rule the land. It’s not like the middle ages anymore. You’re allowed to “lose” every once in a while, like any business. Small business owners have lost untold amounts, many closed for good. You greedy landlords are so used to automatically making profit hand over fist, that you fold like a cheap camera because, OMG, the rent was DELAYED by a few months. Keep the crocodile tears to yourself. No sympathy here. I don’t expect to see you millionaires waiting in line by the soup kitchen any time soon.

    • Wow! you have a lot of anger and hate in yourself. You really believe the sick liberal lie. Yes there are landlords that are overzealous however I guess you don’t know anything. Go educate yourself. Many cities have rent control throughout the whole city. You are still living 20 years ago. Landlords making money, right. You invested in a property, are running after all the mortgage tax utilities and running on a thin margin, yet full of delinquent tenants and you are stuck with them. They break a outlet cover, you repair it, take a pic for your records, they break it again and call hpd, you get a fine. An eviction can take 2 years easily, Go educate yourself and while you are at it please take out a mesillas yeshurim. Your hate says soo much about you. You can’t be naive and believe all the nut liberals hate they are brainwashing this generation with. Yes, you can find bad landlords, but there are many protections against this practice. Like the tenant calls hpd and the landlord pays big fines. My point is not about the big ones, they might try fighting back (in a leveled playing field at our landlord tenant court). I’m referring to the one that has less than 5 rentals. the ones with 2 jobs, saved every penny, doing it all legal and having you and your likes bad mouthing them all the time.

  4. Here is my advice.
    Don’t rent to tenants who won’t pay. How do you know who will pay.
    Tenants who are Chinese are best payers. Also don’t rent to families because if father loses job you will be stuck. Rent to illegal young guys who work. Even if one loses job there are several more chipping in rent. I know all the tricks because my friend is a landlord and told me stuff.

  5. I bought stock A at $12 a share. It ran up to $320 before dropping down to $280. Waaa waaa. I lost money! I could of sold it at $320 and I didn’t. Waaa. How can my life go on? Waaa. Greedy lashon naki!
    I bought that house at $300,000.00 dollars in Brooklyn 10 years ago. It shot up to $1.3 million. Now it’s nose dived to ONLY $1.2 million. Waaa waaa. Oiy the Corona. Waaa waaa. I lost so much money. Waaa waaa. I must start an online campaign to support my mishpacha. Waaa waaa. Sick evil greedy lashon naki!
    I fully agree with the above comment.

    • on the flipside. with personal real estate like houses etc. the value might have gone up but your ignoring all the inflation that happened between 300000 and 1.2 million. also where did a house jump that much in 10 years more like 50 years


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