We Did It Together! Inside Kupas Yom Tov’s Pesach 5777 Campaign


You’ve no doubt seen the Kupas Yom Tov advertisements spread across your favorite publications before Pesach. It was an appeal you couldn’t refuse; to assist and uplift Lakewood yungeleit with their Yom Tov needs. You grasped the magnitude of the cause and wished to respond. After all, Beth Medrash Govoah is the largest makom Torah in America and you feel connected to Lakewood, what with plenty of family and friends living there. You made a generous pledge and wished these esteemed Lakewood families a heartfelt Gut Yom Tov. Here’s what happened to your investment: With great syatta d’Shmaya Kupas Yom Tov, reached their goal to help 1000 Lakewood bnei Torah!

1,000 families delighted in their Yom Tov fare and finery.

1,000 families greeted Yom Tov with peace and serenity.

1,000 families enjoyed the splendor and simcha of Pesach.

Kupas Yom Tov families stretch their modest income to cover their month to month expenses, but the staggering Yom Tov expenses throw them off course. Your openhanded donation provided these families with the basic Yom Tov necessities that we take for granted: clothing, matza, meat and wine. Without your help Kupas Yom Tov would not have been able to support Lakewood yungeleit with the dignity due them. What’s your return on this very wise investment? An incomparable zechus that will bezras Hashem support you generously just as you have supported these worthy Lakewood families.

Thanks to you it’s been another successful Kupas Yom Tov campaign!

To join now for future Yomim Tovim click here or go to www.kupasyomtov.org

Kupas Yom Tov was established in memory of Rav Shlomo Zalman Rosengarten z”l and hayeled Eli Raitzik a”h.


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