We Protest Bizayon Hatorah

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matzav_networkThe staff at Matzav.com hereby protests the bizayon haTorah propagated by the Vos Iz Neias website, which has once again demonstrated a complete lack of kavod for rabbonim. The aforementioned website last night shamefully posted a Jewish Week article that demeans and mocks a respected rov of Monsey, NY, and Great Neck, NY. We stand up for the honor of this choshuveh rov, and while we can expect no more from a left-leaning newspaper such as The Jewish Week, we would expect a so-called Orthodox website to refrain from posting a biased story that is mevazeh a talmid chochom and yorei Shomayim who stood up for kedushas Yisroel.

We ask all of you: How much longer will the frum community tolerate the continued assault by this website on our rabbonim, our bnei Torah, our mesorah, our poskim, and the ideals we hold dear?

Later this morning, Matzav.com will feature a report on the incident reported by The Jewish Week and the smear campaign against this rov by anti-chareidi elements. We will not stand by silently.

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  1. The web is a free market. You run your site your way and they, theirs. If you think VIN panders to menuvalim, don’t visit it.

  2. Thank You Matzav.com!

    You should continue to have strength to stand up against these wolves in sheep’s clothes.

    You should not fear for standing up for the truth and Torah regardless of the pressure brought to ear upon you.

  3. As a competitor to the aforementioned website, Matzav is a “nogayah bedavar” and your manufactured “outrage” has everything to do with knocking the competition and nothing to do with “standing up” for anything.

  4. i know for a fact that there are people who will try to threaten you and your site bec you are willing to stand up to these people who are ruining yiddishkeit, and you should not be afraid. do be intimidated by scare tactics and people who will sue all sorts of logic that you are wrong, or the people who will say that yopu are not allowed to be moche bec. they are “competition”. they are not competition. they are shmutz.

  5. If Matzav wants to stand up for Torah and Yiddishkeit (a worthwhile endeavor) than protest the named site’s pictures of women (MRS. Biden is NOT news) and even worse the aggrandizement of Hertzel by showing the Bidens laying a wreath (chukss Goyim)at this low life’s tomb

  6. P.S. It might be a good idea for your Halachic Corner to review the issue of parasites in fish. Let’s have some some serious Da’as Torah on the subject instead of VIN’s hefkerus.

  7. Thank you and Kol hakavod.The “frumme blogging” has long become a cesspool for denigrating rabbonim and talmidey chachomim and even for denigrating positions held by our torah for long.

    While I’m all for exposing molestation, corruption, for demanding erlichkeyt in bein odom lechaveoy; the internet cannot become another maskilishe tool that destroys yiddishkeyt from within.

  8. I am on the matzav network so I never saw VIN until I requested access to the site a few days ago. Ew!! horrid!! Reading the articles and bloggers posts you would think that every second Rabbi is an abuser or criminal and that the frum people all try to cover up all their “terrible sins”.
    In their quest to be on top of the latest news, they shlep together from all newspapers you can find anything bad about a Jew and don’t bother verifying the facts before they ruin so many people’s repatation and their families. I would thing I’m reading a neo-Nazi website.
    VIN should not delude themselves into thinking they are giving the frum people a platform to expose abusers and criminals in our community.
    They are just sowing seeds of hatred and mistrust and ruin good peoples reputations. They had an article posted about a Chabad Rabbi without giving a chance for the rabbi to defend himself. Who’s going to defend his position? A reporter from a non-Jewish newspaper who’s looking to make a spectacular scoop? The readers do not realize how naive they are and come to the conclusion the reporter wants them to, even without the reporter having to resort to lying. By leaving out crucial information and twisting the facts slightly reporters can turn any story that people will say, “so what” and turn it into a
    the drama they want it to be.
    If VIN truly wants to help protect our children from abusers let them discuss these issues with the right Rabbonim who will not seek to hide anything, and go about the issue in the right way without having created more victims by ruining innocent people and their families, reputation.
    They cannot just take stories from non-Jewish or anti-frum sources who either seek the destruction of the frum community or simply try to twist an innocent story into sensatonal news.
    VIN needs to respect our Rabbonim. They cannot call themselves a frum website if they are trampling on the most important asset the Jewish people have, our Rabbonim who show us right from wrong. No one is forcing anyone to listen to a particular Rav if they don’t agree with his derech. That still does not give VIN any right to present any Rav in a negative or chutzpadige manner.
    We need to wake up! VIN is a sleeping monster which could chas vesholom, one day come to cause much ruin, Hashem should help.

  9. Yes, I stopped visiting VIN quite a while ago, after their own op-ed asking if we care more about a bug on a strawberry (five Lavim that the Goyim don’t know of or care about) than honesty.
    I realized then that the attitude you see there is not just from the comments. It is not a frum site. While any frum site has a wide range of commenting; from the Torah-is-our-life views to the Torah-is-something-we-have-to-live-with attitudes. However, that site actually moderates and filters out the more “extreme” Mesora comments.

  10. the only way to do this
    is to keep hocking it into
    people’s heads.
    otherwise people don’t realize.
    people are dumb generally
    and are naive and think that
    if miami boys choir and
    shloime gertner and hasc
    advertise there, it must be jewish.
    it is not.

  11. I wish to point out that while some will say, “how can you protest when you yourself are on the internet bla bla bla,” the fact is that the gedolim in America NEVER assured the internet. It was o0nly in eretz yisroel that an official ban was placed on the internet. it is therefore our achrayus in America to make sure that the internet is not being abused by pseudo jews like the site you mention here.

  12. Unfortunately, your comments are forcing some to go to that site and see what the fuss is about. I generally pay no interest to these stories however your description of the shameful conduct and an article that demeans and mocks a respected Rav and your challenge as to “how much longer will the frum community tolerate the continued assault by this website on our rabbonim, our bnei Torah, our mesorah, our poskim, and the ideals we hold dear” forces me to now investigate and read the offensive article.

  13. I don’t understand why Matzav is so upset about the bizayon haTorah of the Vos Iz Neias website. I have proven that they are a secular site like Ynet, Haaretz and Jerusalem Post where they take their reports from. Would you be upset about the bizayon haTorah on those other sites?

    If I ever want to read some anti-chareidi stuff or some lashon hara or motzi shem ra or how talmidei chachamim and rabbanim are mocked, I would go directly to those sites directly. VIN and their talkbackers are not any better.

  14. HaLeiVi #11, I’ve noticed that too, that “that site actually moderates and filters out the more “extreme” Mesora comments.” That’s when I’ve realized that they are a secular site and frum people have no business going to that site.

  15. The only way to achieve our goal is by getting their advertisers to pull out
    Give Credit to Mishpacha Magazine which pulled their ad off of Vos Iz Neias
    It is time to go after the rest

  16. VIN is a silly site, propagating the disillusionment of self hating orthodox Jews.
    Every time they post about a new halacha shaila, invariably a multitude of commentators wail about “where are the leaders when molestation is rampant & domestic abuse etc…”
    For the lack of any moral substance, they adopted an old dead battle just to legitimize a useless cause. therefore, it is the only site you will constantly read about SWASTIKAS & HOLOCAUST DENIERS.
    ?????? ??????? ?? ???? ????

  17. I have no idea what the story is. I stopped reading VIN (lashon hara web site) 3 years ago & never went back. Whoever stands up for Kavod Hatorah should be encouraged & supported. Bracha Vehatzlacha!

  18. 25, VIN is as biased as can get on every other issue. They take a side and delete any comment suggesting otherwise.

    Kudos to Matzav for coming out strongly and finally citing the name of that malicious website. It is time. It is our Achrayus and responsibility to stop them in the right time. This is true Haskalah of this century. Any ‘Rabbi’ with opinions that aren’t supported by our Gedolim and are against Da’as Torah, has a stage there. Some advertisements there are simply disgusting for any website not even Jewish. It is time. We ought to stand up and declare ‘Moshe Emes V’Toraso Emes’. We have to do what’s right and commit ourselves not to support any business or organization that advertises there. We should open a blog etc. and together we can contact those advertisers and build up a coalition against this ‘Anti-Frum’ website.

    And to all those screaming ‘competition’, I’m sure there were many in the times of the Chasam Sofer, when he waged the war against the Maskilim, that were screaming the same. You all know the truth, you know that Vos Iz Neias only gets your interest and so many viewers because of controversy. Do you think Matzav isn’t capable of pasting every article against Judaism on their site? They are a true orthodox-Jewish website so they don’t. I’m sure most of the VIN readership won’t subscribe to a secular newspaper and definately not a gossip paper, do yourself a Cheshbon HaNefesh and tell me if it’s any better.

  19. Look , Matzav is nogeia its true but the fact that respected organizations, Artscroll, Chofezzt Chaim Heritage etc advbertisde on VIN is beyond me. Thats sick.

  20. Your immature attitude is the reason i will stop coming here. Live and let live. You will never make it by knocking others.

  21. Go MATZAV GO!!!

    I am also proud of your shift to be more careful in what is posted on your sight. When we see a “jewish” sight we assume the views are TOrahdik. Not so.

  22. Who are the owners of Matzav? I think any blog that can not be tied into one identifiable and responsible person is suspect.

  23. In all honesty, Matzav bans any comments from readers which do not reflect its own point of view. The entire gemara is based on debates. Beis Shammai’s views were never censored or edited out. Here all discussion is stifled under the guise of Torah viewpoint, when in fact, many readers can argue that the Torah viewpoint is the opposite of the editors’ point of view, but these comments are almost never allowed. This is not intellectual honesty.

    Note that in the gemara, one of the Tannaim said that the views of the non-Jewish scientists were more correct on a certain issue than were the views of the Tannaim. This is the honesty of Chazal. Today, that gemara would have been censored, because it is not Daas Torah. How can non-Jews ever be more correct than gedolim? Apikursis, edit it out. Thank G-d, Chazal had the honesty to accept truth from where ever it may come.

    Moshe Rabbeinu did the same with Yisro. When Yisro suggested how he run the Beis Din system, did Moshe say to him, who are you to argue with me, I have Daas Torah and you are a nothing. Instead, Moshe accepted a valid suggestion even from a Ger who knew nothing. Today, that story would probably get censored on Matzav. Luckily it was printed in the Chumash so we have a record of it.

    Shivim Panim lTorah. Editing out contrary points of view is what is not Torahdik.

  24. may rav aderet shlita live until 120 doing the heilige arbit he does being mekarev yidden leavihem shebahsomayim.
    what a yid!

  25. VIN only prints news articles about controversial topics AFTER they have been reported elsewhere.
    We live in an world that you can’t hide from the reality that news spreads like wildfire….
    Once it’s out there online, it is no longer a private matter.
    Besides, they only get readers BECAUSE those readers want the news they report.

    Don’t blame them, it’s our society that is at fault!!

  26. those companies dont advertise on VIN, VIN news gets paid per click from a jewish online media company called JANet when you sign up with JANet they run ads on your site and the site owner gets a commission per click all the jewish advertisers you see on VIN actualy pay JANet per click so if you want to target VIN pocketbook contact JAnet

  27. If you look at the timeline on VIN, you will see that they post articles 20 minutes after shkiya on shabbos.THEY ARE MECHALLEI SHABBOS RML

  28. Thank you for editing my previous post. I hasten to point out, however, that I was neither vulgar nor disrespectful of Tamidei Chachamim. the point that I attempting to make, that your attack on VIN was more related to market share than kavod HaTorah, is amply evidenced by several of the subsequent posts wondering why frum companies don’t pull their advertising from VIN.

    Please understand that I am not making light of your concerns or of your desire to operate a web site k’da’as uk’din. I simply think that publicly venting about a commercial competitor dilutes your message and give the competition free publicity.

    Please, either post this comment in it’s entirety or delete it. I don’t mind being thought of as an adversary but I’d rather not be thought of as illiterate.

  29. RE: 4 You should be ashamed of your comment!! Just because the internet is a free market, that does’nt mean you can go against “OUR” torah. Shame on you, Raphael Kaufman.

  30. The only way to really acheive something here and curtail a little bit the chillul hashem and bizoyon hatorah coming out of the VIN news site is to boycott their advertisers . It would be a good idea to always post a list of their advertisers here so people would know not to support those advertisers .

  31. in the salmon story ,the tzibbur needs the right information as soon as possible.I am. a cook. By trade and I can see the kosher food industry losing millions of dollars.in a time when parnassah is very difficult and the wrong information can destroy even the rich let’s be careful before we ban anything without proper investigation

  32. Matzav you are A living kiddush hashem
    you stand up for teireh, teireh, teirah



    aza heiligeh zach.
    moiridik moiridik
    what a nachas tzum bori olam standing up for kavod………hateireh

    say it after me: teireh, teireh, teirah

  33. We also stopped reading the news on their site a long time ago. At first we thought it was just like YWN or Matzav but after a while we noticed that there is basically no moderator on the blogs and the negativity towards torah and rabonim was horrendous (particularly focusing on Lakewood and Meah Shearim.

  34. Hi Benny – 46, I’d rather not jump to such conclusions. Many things are possible. The website is kept on a server which can be anywhere in the country. When the program on the server enters the time, it has no idea what time it is on the user’s computer. It enters its own time, which can be a couple of hours earlier.

    Mr. Kaufman, while you ask that we live and let live, think about it this way: if they are entitled to vent why aren’t we?

  35. I posted #14 & #16 and it’s funny how someone posted with the same posting name in between my two.

    Anyway, just want to let the readers know that i know someone personally that had such agmus nefesh from VIN despite being innocent in a silly incident regarding an organization which was doing something legal but still narish without taking into consideration that their non-frum,self-hating , Jewish neighbors will pounce on them as if they did the worst crime. Well it was written up in the local newspaper in such a twisted way that it resembled a complete horror story. Worst of all that aquaintance of mine, who was totaly not involved in any aspect of the incident was written up in the newspaper in such a way that you could think he was part of the whole story, just because he’s part of that organization.
    What bothered my aquaintance most was not the venom that was spewing from the newspaper, but the fact that VIN published the story straight from the pens of the reporters that were turning this story into a hair raising tail and he was made into velt’s nar. In addition all the posts bashing the incident together with him were arrows peircing his heart.
    Now one could claim that anyone can see this news online, but it’s not true. Why would frum people think of reading just any town’s local newspaper? The incident would have been over in a few days without all the comments he got from the heimishe oilim for weeks afterwards.
    If VIN wanted to report this story they should’ve contact the organization for their version and written it down neutrally not bring the article from the newspaper that was dripping with the poisen of misinformation Most people do not read in between the lines.
    Now this was just a silly incident with no lasting negative effects, but what about innocent people who’s names gets dragged in the mud to such an extent that it ruins them and their families forever? In my opinion this is true murder.

    Now just a little note: we assume that reporters write is true. Now the stories might be true, but you can take a little incident and blow it out of proportion so that it becomes the earth shattering news the reporter wants it to be. Leave out a crucial detail, highlight a little detail, write it this way or that, and the writer of the story has the readers eating out of his hand and come to the conclusion that the reporter wants them to. Most people do not think independantly. chayim bmaves byad halashon (I hope I remembered that correctly)Loshon is the language of the pen , not just the tongue.

    Loshen hora and rechilus is not mutter just because it’s written online. Being dan lkaf zachus still applies even though it’s written the newspaper.

    Sticking up for abused victims is not an excuse to go on a rampage to dirty the image of our holy and pure nation, leaving innocent people wounded on the sidelines. If they truly want to protect the victims they have to think of a better way to that other than publish garbage after all the deeds are done and the victims hurt.

    Now for all the people assuming that Matzav is bringing up the problem of VIN for business reasons you’re wrong because they could’ve gone down the same road and have all the readers and advertisers that VIN has.

  36. matzav editor
    your true colors are showing [deleted by moderator]

    I would like a response from the editor on this.


    Your points were received but could not be posted. We are more than happy to give you a response. Kindly send an email to [email protected]. Thank you.


  38. Matzav is not G-d’s policeman.
    If you think that another news site does not conform with your haskafot, why is it your job to bring this to our attention?
    Did you consult with daas Torah if it is permitted?

  39. “Sans la liberté de blâmer, il n’est point d’éloge flatteur”

    Without the freedom to criticize, there is no true praise.

  40. Matzav.com, thou “dost protest too much, methinks.”

    I happen to be in favor of full disclosure, since I don’t like being ignorant about the goings-on in the world about me, especially when those goings-on impact Klal Yisrael. If one is offended by certain news articles, editorials or websites, the solution is easy: just don’t read them.

  41. VIN is meant for bums/troubled youth. They have this – blame the Rebbe, Parent, counsler, Yeshiva, Rosh Yeshiva, establishment, etc… first, mentality! Very corrupt & misleading!


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