We Raised $54 for Sholom Mordechai

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rubashkinDear Editor@Matzav,

We are Rochele Lew (10), Dovid Lew (9) and Sholom Posner (11) – cousins/siblings. We have earned $54 for the Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin fund by means of selling cookies, hard work and generous donations. We are sending the money to the fund through Matzav via PayPal.

All of us contributed to making this project with everything, but especially in our own ways. Rochele, with her baking talents, was sure to make the recipe delicious. Dovid, and his perfectionism, made sure all the cookies were perfectly made (which was really hard the first time, because the dough was powder) and Sholom came up with the idea and sold the cookies.

Each Sunday we baked cookies and on Tuesday we packaged them in groups of one and three to be sold at our parents’ weekly community barbecue.

Lots of hatzlacha and, R’ Sholom Mordechai, know that we are thinking of you in our Tehillim.


Rochele Lew, Dovid Lew and Sholom Posner

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  1. As a parent of young children I identify well with the ages well. I cry when such pure neshamos are so pure and selfless!
    Ribbono Shel Olam, bring the geula already! These are your kinderlech! Are you going to keep ‘THEM’ in galus??? Don’t you eant ‘THEM’ serving you in YOUR Beis Hamikdash!???
    No wonder we say Ata Bchartanu Mikal Hoamim.

  2. Instead of buying something for themselves with their heard-earned money, these kids are raising money for R’ Sholom Mordechai. May this be a zechus for his freedom and for the freedom of Klal Yisroel from galus.

  3. He now faces one last chance to fight for justice and freedom from the US Courts by filing a post-conviction motion, known as a Section 2255. The clock is ticking for Sholom Rubashkin whose mandatory filing deadline for the Section 2255 is October 1, 2013. Jim Wyrsch and J.R. Hobbs of the prestigious Wyrsch Hobbs Mirakian law firm in Kansas City will be spearheading this effort. Together, Wyrsch and Hobbs have successfully litigated numerous post-conviction cases in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, including Section 2255 motions. They will be joined by sentencing guru Professor Douglas Berman who is a nationally recognized authority on criminal law and sentencing. Regarding Rubashkin’s case, Professor Doug Berman said, “2255 actions are not only the only way, but often the very best way, to unearth and document flaws in the prosecution and sentencing of a defendant in a high-profile case. The best lawyers have a terrific track record of getting death sentences reversed through habeas appeals and Mr. Rubashkin is serving a functional death sentence.”

  4. There will be a hearing sometime in October-let’s have Sholem Mordche Halevi in mind in our Tfillos and to send as much as we possibly can-try to raise from our friends and family-there is so much needed for the courts and family. Rabbi Lipshutz from Yated is in charge his address is 53 Olympia Ln. Monsey NY 10952


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