We Saved Hamas Leader’s Life, Says Israel Ex-Prison Chief, Dismissing Strike Complaints


Former Israel Prison Service Commissioner Lt.-Gen. (res.) Orit Adato said in an interview that it was simply not true that Palestinian security prisoners suffer inhumane conditions, Dov Lieber reports for Times of Israel.

“The conditions are very humane. They are being supplied with all their needs – food, clothing, medical treatment….They are getting better conditions than any other terrorists in the world.”

She pointed to Yahya Sinwar, the hard-line Hamas leader in Gaza, who, she said, is alive today only because of brain surgery he received, reportedly for a tumor, while in Israeli prison. “When they say they are not being treated well, I would ask you and others to give a phone call to one specific person, Yahya Sinwar, who is alive nowadays just because of life-saving surgery he was given.”

Lieber reports that Adato noted that Palestinian inmates in Israel can sue for better conditions and appeal decisions all the way to the Supreme Court. “Is there any other country in the world – except in Scandinavia – that would allow each inmate to apply to the courts on any issue they want to?”

Adato also argued that the fear some of the current hunger strikers might die is overblown. “For 40 years there have been hunger strikes….When it’s kept inside, you know how to manage it.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}



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