Wear a Yarmulka Or Leave

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The small religious-Zionist settlement of Tzafria near Ben-Gurion International Airport is unhappy that some people renting houses there who appeared before a selection board wearing yarmulkas discarded them soon after moving in.

“Sadly, more and more renters turn out to have deceived the committee and are walking inside the community with uncovered heads,” the board complained in an email. “The association committee hereby asks all people renting out housing units to warn their residents who walk in the community without a head cover. The settlement committee will not hesitate to demand the non-renewal of rentals to residents who do not preserve the settlement’s character.”

A number of people protested that it is not for the settlement to decide who is religious or not. Some people pray thrice daily and observe kashrus, yet choose not to wear yarmulkas. To say otherwise is discrimination, they claimed.

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  1. Do some research and don’t rely only on the interview That way you’ll find out if they wear the kippah all the time or not. This is a private community and the residents have the right to veto new-comers if they don’t behave on the community’s standard of behavior, including religiosity.


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