Wedding Held at Divorce Bais Din

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Years ago, Rav Shlomo Shatzman, head of the Tel Aviv Bais Din, presided over the divorce of a young couple. The parted couple had a daughter and often returned to the bais din to argue over alimony and visitation rights. One day, Rav Shatzman interrupted the proceedings and suggested that the couple leave their hard feelings aside and go out on a date as if they were meeting for the first time.

Recently, they reappeared and announced that they wanted to tie the knot a second time. And so it was.

The Tel Aviv Bais Din, generally a cauldron of conflict and dissent, momentarily became a venue of kol sosson vekol simcha.

David Steger – Israel


  1. This bais din is wrong. How can they be so insensitive to the poor abused woman? She was forced to deal with crazy husband who wouldn’t stop pestering her, which forced them back to beis din so many times. Nebach.

    • Maybe we should at least wait and see, before we scream we know better than the beis din and better than the couple who agreed to remarry? Mazal Tov.

  2. Halevai all divorce batei dinim would close due to lack of business. Ditto for divorce attorneys, marriage counselors and the like.

    Now, back to the real world.


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