Wedding of Ariel Beigel and Sarah Techiya Litman Set for Binyanei Hauma

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littman (1)This past Friday afternoon, Rabbi Yaakov Litman, 44, and his son Netanel, 18 HY”D, were murdered by Palestinian terrorists who opened fire on their vehicle as they were traveling near Otniel, south of Chevron.

They were on the way to a pre-wedding celebration for one of Litman’s daughters, Sarah Techiya. At their funeral on Har Hamenuchot this past Saturday night, Sarah Techiya cried out: “Abba, where have you gone? Who will give me away? I wanted you to be at my wedding!”

Sarah Techiya and her chassan, Ariel, just announced from her shiva in Kiryat Arba that their wedding will take place, with Hashem’s help, on Thursday, Nov. 26. They are inviting all Klal Yisrael to attend their wedding at Binyanei Ha”uma (concert hall in Jerusalem) on that date.

Here is their invitation:

“Don’t make our enemies happy. We fell, we got up, with G-d’s help, our wedding will take place next Thursday, 26 November, 14 Kislev, at Binyanei Hauma in Jerusalem. Am Yisrael is invited to get up from the dust and rejoice with us….
Sarah Techiya and Ariel.”

In Hebrew:

אל תשמחי אויבתי לי כי נפלתי קמתי. בע”ה חתונתנו תתקיים ביום חמישי הבא י”ד בכסלו 26 בנובמבר בבנייני האומה. כל עם ישראל מוזמן לקום עמנו מעפר ולשמוח בשמחתנו.

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  1. May avel l’yom tov. All of klal Yisrael cried with them and next week IY”H we will all celebrate with them. May they be zocheh to build a bayis ne’eman b’Yisrael.

  2. I wish I could attend this wedding. What a beautiful invitation to invite
    Am Yisroel. I can’t go but atleast I had the honor to send this beautiful
    couple a wedding gift. That made me extremely satisfied.


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