Wedding of Granddaughter of Belzer Rebbe Will Be Held for First Time in an Arena


After three huge family weddings of the Belzer Rebbe’s grandchildren have been held in a tent in Kiryas Belz in Yerushalayim, Belz will hold the fourth such wedding, the chasunah of the Rebbe’s granddaughter, at the Arena stadium in Yerushalayim to accommodate the many devotees who wish to attend.

Due to safety issues and other considerations, including financial costs, it was decided to hold the upcoming wedding at the stadium.

Belz will thus return to the stadium for a second time this year, after gathering there during Adar to mark the jubilee since the rebbe took the helm of the chassidus.

The chupah, we are told, will first be held in Kiryas Belz. The celebration will then follow at the stadium.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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