Weiner: Health Insurers Seeking Double-Digit Hikes


weinerNew York health insurance companies are seeking double-digit rate hikes, and one New York congressman said they must be stopped. Representative Anthony Weiner said insurance companies want to raise rates as much as 19 percent next year.Weiner is calling on New York’s insurance department to use its new power and limit increases.

“We are seeing that despite the fact that inflation is at zero, and real wages are growin hardly at all, the health insurance industry is showing that they are prepared to gouge New Yorkers even more,” Rep. Weiner said.

Insurance companies have two more weeks to submit proposals for rate hikes.

{CBS Local/Matzav.com}


  1. the only people gouging new yorkers are politicians of wiener’s ilk. if health insurers become non-profit, then they simply will not do business in NY. the same happened for a while with auto insurers in NJ.
    this reminds me of the congressional hearing on gasoline prices when wiener’s rebbi, schumer, asked an oil-company executive why they are gouging new yorkers with such high gasoline prices, when the cost in new jersey is so much lower. replied the executive: we charge the same – it’s NY that’s gouging by slapping on high taxes.
    do you remember when the taxes were listed on the pumps? for some reason, they don’t [are not allowed to] do that any more.

  2. They wants hikes to pay for the cost of implementing Obomacare, which the Democrats shoved down the throats of the american people and now we all have to pay for this mess.

  3. We need to close down the insurance industry all together! We need to come up with a new system.Bunch of thieving cheats!It can be done. Compare USA system to rest of the world.They’re messing up everyone’s lives!!


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