Weinstein: Israel Must Draft Religious Girls, Too

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israeli-attorney-general-yehuda-weinsteinThe Israeli government today reopened the issue of the “fair burden” of IDF service, this time extending it to religious girls. At today’s cabinet meeting, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein said that among the groups the government should be “encouraging” to serve a full three years in the army are Hesder yeshiva students – and religious girls and women.

If Israel truly wishes for the defense burden to be shared equitably, it must ensure that all groups serve the full 32 months that regular IDF male recruits serve, the Justice Ministry said today. In a statement, the Ministry said that it was necessary to examine all the issues involved in equitable service. “In advance of the final government decision on equitable service the government must investigate anew the possibility of increasing the length of service for all yeshiva students as well,” including Hesder students. Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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  1. Here it is a clear ‘Harog V’al Ya’avor’

    (males is less clear )

    Stare Them Down

    It’s a blatant ploy
    (to force the religious on the defensive)

  2. In the face of the European boycott of West Bank products initiated on Tisha B’Av, in the face of the impending nuclear capabilities of Iran, the massive missile and rocket stockpiling of Hezbollah and Gaza, the pressured release of over 100 terrorists involved in murderous attacks in Israel, rising anti-Semitism world wide, and the pressure to return all of the territories, including Jerusalem, taken in the war to defend against annihilation that was the Six Day War, the Netanyahu government is choosing to divest itself of Israel’s most effective shield, its Torah learning, with the help of the courts and the media The media hype against Chareidim has been effective to the point that there is apathy and even satisfaction with the gezeiros initiated by this government leading literally to the starvation of children, and to the arrogant interference with the Chareidi education system. The sanctity of the Kosel is being challenged on a monthly basis by women with a “let’s rain on their parade” attitude who have no connection whatsoever with the Kosel, yet with the help of the courts and the media, dare to interfere with the prayers of those committed to the Kosel b’lev vanefesh. And now this government, with its kochi veotzem yadi attitude, wishes to re-examine the issue of drafting of women, an issue for which the Chazon Ish literally gave his life. Forgotten is the precarious situation that faced Israel during the Yom Kippur War, 6 short years after the Six Day war, when Tzahal was considered the answer to all of Israel’s problems.

    On the night before the first Knesset vote regarding the Charedi draft, a heartbroken Rav Shteinman spent the night saying Tehillim. For him, the situation was terrifying, as it should be for us.

  3. The Chazon Ish said of this one that it is yehareg v’al ya’avor.
    The Gemara says that the amei ha’aretz (here it doesn’t mean ignorant, rather “anti”) hate us more than the non-jews.

  4. We need to stop discussing whether we are right or whether they are right. The issue is not fairness, it is a ideological war against charedim. When you are being attacked you do not discuss whether the enemy is correct or not – you defend and fight. We don’t have dialogues whether Iran and Co. is correct for trying to destroy us, why do we do that here? To the question is my blood redder? yes when we are at war my blood is redder than yours. Remember, all is fair in war.

  5. Rav Dovid Solovaitzick said it from the beginning. They are looking to lower the standard of yiddishkite and will do anything to further that agenda. Too bad that others did not see this coming.
    The war started before this but the balabatim and general public were worried about perception of the goyim rather than kvod shmayim.

  6. Where is the ‘equality’ vis a vis the Israeli arabs?
    Let’s see you TRY enlisting the arab girls.
    You’d have a civil war in five minutes flat.

    Worst anti-semite is a Jewish one

  7. In all of its 65 year history, the state didn’t dare to think of committing such evil, as this decree of conscripting ‘ultra religious women’. With this kind of judiciary with the likes of Weinstein, who needs all the outside enemies? No need, because how is he any better than Antiochus and all the past & present enemies of the Jews? Do they really believe they’ll get away with it?

  8. Make sure all the secular slackers and evaders from Tel Aviv and other liberal enclaves serve as well.


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