Welcome to: Charidy 360° – a Full-Service, 360-Degree Fundraising Solution Revolution

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Charidy was born four years ago out of a desire to empower every individual to create a better world. We embarked on a journey to help organizations grow effectively and enable givers to maximize their impact.

With heaven’s help, we have succeeded beyond our wildest dreams, transforming fundraising forever.

We at Charidy, however, are not satisfied with past successes. Like the organizations we serve, we were born to innovate and grow. We therefore asked ourselves a question: How can we harness and build upon our track record to further serve the world?

After much research, exploration, and development, we are proud to announce the answer to that question.

Welcome to: Charidy 360°!

Charidy 360° is a comprehensive suite of fundraising solutions to address any and all of your fundraising needs. Charidy 360° is an expanded universe to broaden your impact.

Charidy 360° offers:

1) High-Impact Campaigns fashioned on our classic Charidy formulas. Should you aim for 2X, 3X, or 4X return on each donation? We will help you decide how many matchers, timeframe, and if all-or-nothing is right for you.

2) Powered by Charidy white-label services to color your world, perfect for Torah Campaigns, High Holiday Membership Drives, Galas, and more.

3) Personal Campaigns that enable individuals to fundraise for important and urgent causes, from helping families in dire need, to medical emergencies, to disaster relief.

Whether an established institution looking to ignite its donor base, or a personal initiative trying to get off the ground, Charidy 360° is geared towards your success.

To explore our economical pricing structures and how Charidy 360° can elevate your cause to the next level, please visit www.charidy.com/360

We look forward to making your fundraising dreams a reality.


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