WELCOME TO WOKE: No Forks, Ketchup, Or Napkins For Your NYC Takeout Unless You Specifically Ask For It Under New Anti-Waste Law

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Residents of New York City who heavily rely on takeout meals will soon no longer receive plastic spoons and chopsticks. Restaurants now face potential fines for providing these items.

The city recently proposed a set of fines, ranging from $50 to $250, for restaurants, food delivery services, and third-party couriers who include utensils and condiments like soy sauce and ketchup packets in orders without the customers’ request.

This initiative, known as the “Skip the Stuff” bill, aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by restaurants, as stated in the newly published regulations.

However, there is still a grace period. Until July 1, 2024, restaurants will only receive warnings, after which the financial penalties will come into effect. Andrew Rigie, an executive director for the NYC Hospitality Alliance, a nonprofit organization advocating for the restaurant and nightlife industry, expressed satisfaction with the law’s approach. He highlighted that the law prioritizes education by initially issuing warnings for violations, avoids proposing the maximum allowable fines, and places responsibility on third-party delivery apps to assist restaurants in compliance.

The “Skip the Stuff” law adds to a series of measures implemented by the city to address single-use plastics, such as the ban on plastic straws (except upon request) and plastic bags. In 2019, New York City began enforcing a ban on plastic foam takeout containers.



  1. Thanks for sharing this.

    This is in line with the teaching of Chazal that הקב”ה told Adam that He made a beautiful world, and that he should tend to it, and not ruin it.

    • You should go back to those days and not have so much furniture as it kills the trees and the like. Sit on the floor. eat with your hands more often. Drink soup instead of using a spoon. Get over yourself and stop trying to make this into Daas Torah. Check with gedolie yisroel if this has anything what to do with torah and judaism.

      • Hey Shmendrik:

        There is a big difference between wooden furniture and plastic. Furniture is used for a long time, over and over again, for many years. Furthermore, wood is natural and biodegradable. On the other hand, plastic is not, and disposables are typically used just once and then dumped. Do you want to live next to a dump of non bio-degradable plastic?

        Before you speak, efsher learn the sugya, so you don’t make a fool of yourself.

    • Go back to first grade. The posit actually says. וירדו בכל הארץSo we are allowed to use the world. It doesn’t say anything about ruining the world

  2. No Forks, Ketchup, Or Napkins For Your NYC Takeout Unless You Specifically Ask For It Under New Anti-Waste Law
    Upon learning of the new anti-waste law that forbids NYC restaurants from providing customers with utensils and condiments without the customers’ request, a man walked into a NYC Takeout and ordered a hot dog, 3 medium-rare napkins, two well-done packets of ketchup, a plastic fork, heavy on the plastic, and two
    extra light, but extra sharp plastic knives, well-done with lots of plastic.

  3. This will be an inconvenience for restaurants who will need to train workers to ask customers if they’d like utensils, napkins and condiments on every takeout order. It will also create major frustration when customers who’ve ordered meals but forgot to ask are now stuck with soup, chow mein, and the like sans utensils.

  4. Hey New York, don’t you see what the leftists are doing to you?!? Are you freedoms so not important to you that you’re willing to throw it out just so that you can live in the horrid of New York City? If you were smart you would get out of there, just do the rest of the country of favor and leave your politics behind.

  5. Next up: only allowed to provide biodegradable chop sticks ( Or, Chop “with a cheis” sticks) with the meal. Start learning how to eat rice with them from now.

  6. How do they expect to determine if the food establishment gave out too much, or even any of these things? Do they expect Karen customers to report their diners for being too generous? This is just another “rat on each other” initiative–More Sedom rules.

  7. Ah– this is why they need 80,000+IRS agents: for sting operations in which they order food but no extras, and report the overly generous establishments that realize most people like having those extra condiments and cutlery packages around.


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