Wellington, Kansas, Hosts First Ever Shabbos Minyan

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wellington-smallThe city of Wellington, Kansas, held its first ever Shabbos minyan on Shabbos Parshas Tetzaveh-Zachor. A.D. Rosenblatt Glatt Kosher Meats, certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council and the Orthodox Union, is located 35 miles south of Wichita, Wellington. Due to high demand before Yom Tov, the plant shechted all week and there was a need to make a minyan on Shabbos Parshas Zachor for the shochtim, bodkim and mashgichim.

Wellington, however,  has only one Jew out of some 8,600 residents in the entire city. That would not have been wellingtonenough to supplement the employees to complete the minyan. A call went out to Yeshiva and Mesifta of Dallas, just 337 miles south in Texas. A group of bochurim drove up to Kansas to complete the minyan, bringing along a Sefer Torah from Congregation Ohr HaTorah of Dallas. An inspiring Shabbos was had by all under the leadership of Rabbi Hersh Fekete, shochet ubodek and Nopker Rov of Monsey, NY.

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