Shlomo Werdyger Endorses Hillary in NY Primary

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I endorse Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

Mrs. Clinton is by far the superior candidate in the Democratic primary on the issues that matter most to our community, both nationally and internationally. She has a long history and strong record of combatting efforts to delegitimize Israel, confronting anti-Semitism across the globe, and standing up for the needs of our community. Her opponent, unfortunately, has no such history or record, and has taken certain actions and made certain ill-founded statements that should be of deep concern to supporters of Israel and the larger Jewish community.

I hope you will join me and vote for Hillary Clinton on April 19 to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for President.

Sol Werdiger
Chairman of the Board, Agudath Israel of America note: The views expressed in the endorsement by Sol Werdiger are his
alone and do not necessarily represent the views of Agudath Israel of
America. Agudath Israel of America, as a 501(c)(3) organization, wouldn’t make an endorsement.

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  1. Democratic agenda in general, and Hillary’s agenda in particular, is keneged H. If Hillary gets elected, she’ll work very hard to decrease Kovod Shamaim in the world – the definition of Chilul H. How can we support one Chilul H proponent over another Chilul H proponent?! No amount of politicking can justify us diverging from our Torah principles.

  2. After stating his name, why does Matzav mention his position and the organization he represents if the “views expressed in the endorsement are his alone”? Let’s be real.

  3. No matter how hard we may try, Hillary will equate Bernie in her opposition of Isroel, Torah, and H. Your support will not in any way change Hillary’s opposition towards our ideals

  4. Does Hillary support same gender marriage? Yes. in her opening campaign video she shows same gender couples and speaks in support of them at rallies. she clearly goes against everything i have been brought up on. (besides the fact that its disgusting) So does Hillary supports our values? No. so we wont get the money. Hashem will help. He always does. but we have to keep our values…private or not we cant support someone who supports all the immoral stuff in this world, because in essence, it would show that we are supporting same gender marriage.

  5. When will these people realize there is no future for honest Jews in the Democratic Party? Who cares which sonei Yisroel they endorse?


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