‘WE’RE WITH ISRAEL, BUT…’: Sullivan Stops by Press Briefing, Says No POTUS Better With Israel Than Joe

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National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stopped by Monday’s White House press briefing to share details about America’s support for Israel as it attempts to finish off Hamas in Rafah.


Watch the clip below:


Sullivan also claimed that “No president has stood stronger with Israel than Joe Biden,” despite Biden’s back-peddling on his unwavering support for our Middle East ally.

Watch Sullivan’s claim below:



  1. What a racist thing for Mr. Sullivan to say. We all know that Barack Obama was thee greatest friend Israel ever had. It is clear that Jake doesn’t like black men. That’s a disgrace.

  2. As usual all generalizations no specifics in what way he’s been the greatest potus this is the mo of all the sic libs

  3. Sorry Jake, but your boss’s actions don’t back up your words. In fact your boss has been an absolute disaster for Israel and history will judge your boss very harshly. He’s going to be a one term president period and no matter what he says and does at this point will change that outcome, but had he been there for Israel in their desperate hour and helped them win this war instead of hindering them and pressuring them every step of the way this could have been his signature accomplishment and he would have been remembered for this accomplishment for many years to come. But because of a small but vocal group of moslems in the state of Michigan that he feels he must ponder to to secure their vote in November he gave all that and much more up …


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