WHAT A JOKE: Watch Robert Mueller Makes a Total Fool Out of Himself in Today’s Testimony

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  1. Wow perfect. Now he qualifies to run as a democrat candidate for President. You have to be a incompetent nincompoop to qualify. Uncle Joe Biden should welcome him with open arms into his coveted Joe Biden Zone.

    • No doubt, when tragedies will continue to occur in our community. Anonymous will say Hashem Yeracheim as if Hashem doesn’t know who he or she is, and what he or she contributes to this world. So sad what people like anonymous do to our community.

  2. He got the same problem as Angela Merkel’s shaking: clones overheating. (Hillary and Carter had such problems.)

  3. We respect the elderly. He is not making a fool of himself. It may be hard for him to hear and the questioners are speaking quickly. The questioners ask him about pages in the report which they all have open in front of them, but he has to look for. I would be very careful in how I characterize a man like Mueller who is going out of his way to not be political.

    • Mr. Mueller is an evil man who RUINED PEOPLES LIVES!!! This RASHA had a very bad day, his true inner being came out, and he deserves to made fun off. Your defending this wicked man, is misplaced “compassion”. One who has mercy on evil people will come to hate good people. I’m starting to hate YOU.

      • Thinking person, don’t hate us truth tellers, especially during the three weeks and after sefirah, before Elul. I forgive you. Hate behavior not people. Robert Mueller is not a Rasha, that is Donald Trump’s problem. No Worries.

      • Don’t hate people, especially in the three weeks. Criticize behavior. Robert Mueller is clearly not A Rasha. Perhaps you need to change the source of your information. All the best

      • Spot on

        Mueller is EVIL! He has ruined so many people’s lives just to try and get them to go against his BIG FISH TRUMP, and when it failed they got punished severely

        What an evil loser

  4. I didn’t see anything except for one second fake news clips with his words take out of context and without the entire exchange.
    Matzav, you just made fools of yourselves.

    • Dahlia if you think Mueller didn’t make a fool out of himself then you are not fit to comment…. maybe listen to the testimony a little slower it might have been too fast for you…

      • Read it as a transcript. Robert Mueller was not allowed to answer certain questions, the Republicans knew it and so they asked it. I am sad you don’t think onas devarim matters. Hashem does not send the Malachim to punish those who participate in Onas Devarim, he carries it out himself.

        • You are what the gemorah refers to, כל המרחם על האכזר סופו ליהיות אכזר על מרחם

          So think before you defend evil people

  5. Did he lie even once as all the rest of the Trump associates did constantly?
    He is honest and his character is truly praiseworthy.
    Keep making fun of side issues.
    When Trump (the liar and obstructer of justice ) leaves office he is going to be indicted.

    • And he was under oath. The stable genius who is grateful to George Washington for protecting the airports from the British, and who can’t recall the answers to questions for his take home test that the Mr. Mueller allowed him to do; and let’s not forget Donald Trump has proclaimed he has the best memory.
      Robert Mueller could not hear the questions and they were talking too fast. It is shameful the hate that gets trafficked on Matzav. I will always be grateful that George Washington protected the airports and Donald Trump finally let the world know of Washington’s secret accomplishments!

  6. This whole hearing is a waste of time. Nadler and his squad will say now we have the evidence to impeach. Mr. Trump and all normal people will continue saying “nothing new came out of these hearings.”

  7. @dahlia, he is not Jewish for heaven sake, it might not be nice thing to make fun of him but onaas devorim does not apply to a non jew.

    • No, he is not Jewish. But you are making a Chilul Hashem. It is your behavior and WORDS that affects klal yisroel. It is so ridiculous to call Robert Mueller a Rasha.

    • Exactly FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, do not decide whether to watch your speech and behavior on the condition if your target is Jewish or Not. Being a mentsch should not be arbitrary.

  8. Kudos to Dahlia. Comments well said & taken. Thanks for your pointed Insights.
    Robert Mueller is NOT the “meathead” that Anonymous & others make him out to be. Nor is he a candidate for nursing care. He is 74 years old. ‘Young’ by 21-century medical standards. Trump is 73; would you consider sending him off to a nursing home??? Given his outrageous behavior for a leader of the greatest Country in the world??? Something to think about!!
    Mr. Meuller served his Country in a most honorable & distinguished way. For openers: Lawyer, Government Official, as FBI Director; 2001-2013; and, Decorated Soldier, (Vietnam War).
    For those of you with short memories, or worse, who are uninformed, Trump dodged the Vietnam War draft on a dubious medical exemption; ‘bony heel spurs’.
    In a previous Comment of mine I challenged Anonymous to ‘Show his Face’. Perhaps he is rightfully hesitant; least he be identified with Bilam’s Ass; Bamidbar, 22:28.

  9. There is a reason why New York State has a mandatory retirement age for judges of 70. We just saw it with Mueller. Mandatory retirement is not age discrimination. It is a reflection of reality. We all get old and lose something as we age. That is all except our “gedolim” who all think they will be as spry and with it as Moshe Rabbeinu.

      • Presidents have short terms, like 4 years. And they are constantly under watch by umpteen people. If the same rules applied to judges then there would be no need for a mandatory retirement age for them either. And no such mandatory retirement exists for Supreme Court (in the U.S.) – as example, Ruth Bater Ginsburg is 86. which is 13 years OLDER than Trump.

  10. There is a very strict time limit for each questioner (as little as 5 minutes), so he is just dragging his feet so he doesn’t have to answer much.


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