What a Waste: Bloomberg to Cut $4.5 Million Check for Paris Climate Accord

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Michael Bloomberg, the former New York mayor and current UN special envoy for climate change, has pledged to write a $4.5 million check to cover Washington’s financial commitment to the Paris climate accord after President Trump withdrew last year. Speaking on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday, Bloomberg said the money would come out of his pocket personally.

“America made a commitment and as an American if the government’s not going to do it, we all have responsibility,” he said. “I’m able to do it … I’m going to send them a check for the monies that America had promised to the organization as though they got it from the federal government.” The billionaire also urged Trump to “change his mind” after pulling out of the climate pact, saying America is “part of the problem” and should therefore “go in and help the world stop a potential disaster.”

The U.S. became the only country to reject the agreement last year after Trump claimed it placed an unfair burden on Washington. Read more.



  1. what should he have spent it on yeshivas so they can throw more kids out? or wrote it to a jewish camp that excludes 98 percent of enrolles?

  2. If he is takeh a Yid (there are rumors he was adopted and it’s not known if his real mother was Jewish) then this is terrible for his nishama. What a waste. He could be machzik torah and yungerliet with such money and earn himself a place in gan eden.

  3. If it wasn’t that, it would be more money for Planned Parenthood, LGBT rights, the ADL, BLM, gun control… At least this is just flushing the money down the drain, as opposed to actually harming people.

    • Well said.
      What a meshugene. Didn’t he notice that Al Gore is hibernating during the winter months until the Global Warming will start again?

  4. I wish you and other frum sites would just report the news and let the readers form their own opinions. I can’t stand when you use words like “shocking!” or “horrifying!” or, as in this story, “what a waste” in the headline. Just tell us the story and we’ll figure all that out on our own without your unprofessional help in the headlines!

  5. Bloomberg is a racist. In his last round as NYC mayor he made a racist remark against Chassidic and Orthodox Jews. He said he was not afraid of ten thousand black hats protesting against him. That was his run in with the metzizah bapeh issue. He also was the first mayor who facilitated the first nyc same gender marriage. Had he made a comment about black protesters the media would be all over him. But I guess jewish blood is cheap.

    • how is that racist? besides if a black mayor made comments or Hispanic towards their ethnicity it’s another ballgame. but way to blur the lines

  6. Thank you Matzav. I disagree with the contention of comment above. In my eyes the role of Jewish media is to provide us with clarity within the sea of confusion caused by thousands of media sources with questionable agendas. I appreciate the opinions of the editors and I look to your site as an understanably imperfect moral compass in a sea of ideas.

  7. Dovid H’Melech was mispallel that when the Soney Hashem are motivated to give Tzedoka they should give to unworthy causes they won’t give the zchusim. You see how that tefila was answered by a lot of secular Jewish philanthropists. They give to political cause that will give them power and kovod but not to people (even non-Jewish) whose desperately need the money.

    I know a guy like Bloomberg won’t donate to Yeshivos but why can’t he at least dedicate to soup kitchens, fight malnutrition and illness in third world countries and do other things that are unquestionably good?


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