WHAT AN EXAMPLE: Mayor Bill De Blasio’s Daughter, Chiara, Arrested at Manhattan Protest

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 10: Chirlane McCray, Dante de Blasio, Bill de Blasio and Chiara de Blasio attend Bill de Blasio's democratic primary celebration for the New York City mayoral race on September 10, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Sands/WireImage)
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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter was arrested at a Manhattan protest on Saturday night, law enforcement sources said, the NY Post.

Chiara de Blasio, 25, was taken into custody around 10:30 p.m. after cops declared an unlawful assembly at 12th Street and Broadway in Lower Manhattan, the sources said.

“That was a real hotspot, police cars were getting burned there, people were throwing and yelling, fighting with cops. There were thousands of people in that area at that time,” the source said.

She gave 181 East End Avenue as her address, otherwise known as Gracie Mansion, the mayor’s Upper East Side residence. The arrest came about an hour before Hizzoner told protesters it was time to “go home.” Read more at the NY Post.



  1. What a disgraceful ungrateful family. This bum DeBlasio should be impeached. Unfortunately the do-nothing Council members couldn’t care less if the City burns to the ground. I haven’t heard a peep out of Nadler, Rose, Engel etc

    • If Cuomo was replaced with someone that doesn’t look completely like him, I doubt DeBlasio is still around. And now they caught his nose-ringed daughter too. And the other names you mentioned and many many more were also coronavirused.

  2. this scum sent her! He bashes the police, tells them to accept some light projectiles, then he sends his kids to commit this crime.

  3. What is wrong with you?

    You don’t fargin the Mayor to have some nachas from his daughter?

  4. she is an adult responsible for her own actions. How many of us have children who do things that are not in line with our preferences??

    • Where were U Menuva!l when Mayor De Blasio marched together with Linda Sarsour national Muslim anti Semite? Where were U when Jews were being attacked in New York and New Jersey where attacked and two murdered? She did exactly what her trash father and mother advocate. Shame! Shame!

    • What makes you say it’s out of line with de’blasio’s preferences? I haven’t seen anything that shows otherwise. He goes to the gym, no mask. He goes to the park, doesn’t stay home like he told eveybody (prior to the relaxing the rules allowing outdoors with a mask). She’s a rotten apple just like her father.

    • Seems by this report that she still “lives at home”. Does she pay rent? Does she pay her own way? What is her “job”?

  5. indeed,a tale of two cities,Jews gather for a funeral & are dispersed,& these animals gather to riot,and loot and are left alone,what’s with the bum mayor”my message to ALL communities”??,let’s get rid of this two face incompetent mayor.

  6. Make sure to please vote for Nicole Malliotakis and trounce Max Rose if you’re in Staten Island, Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge areas.

  7. She was NOT practicing social distancing while demonstrating. She is mamesh a rodef & rotziach. It’s a chiyuv to be maaser on her. But yet her Dad won’t allow small businesses to open in order to support their families in a dignified way. Sick.

  8. Without a doubt she was back home wthin the the hour considering there is no bail today and the jails were closed
    She was probably out last night again.

  9. Ironic how Matzav posted this article next to the one about trump running into a bunker to hide from the protesters…


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