What Are You Looking For?

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This classic shadchan question can begin to get old when you hear it often enough. But when you really think about it, what are you looking for?

What we are all looking for are ways to help those that are looking for their bashert. We try to redt more shidduchim, we try to facilitate singles meeting and we daven.

For the fourth year running, Shas for Shidduchim is creating a new way to help our singles. Shas for Shidduchim is a day of Torah learning and achdus that gives you the opportunity to gather real z’chusim.

How does it work?

  1. Sponsor the learning in honor of a single.
  2. Lomdim gather on Tu B’Shvat to learn their portion.
  3. Shas is completed in 24 hours.
  4. A z’chus for you and the singles of Klal Yisrael!

Sponsoring Torah learning is a real way to create z’chusim for you and those that you sponsor the learning in honor of. Be part of this incredible event and IY”H Klal Yisrael will see many yeshuos b’karov

Sponsor a daf in z’chus of a single. 


P.S. You can submit up to 5 names for each sponsorship!

All proceeds go towards helping with the shidduch challenges.


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