What are your Most Effective Assets?


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What are your most effective assets?

This is a question that managers and leaders should be asking about themselves, their employees, and their organization. In order to push employee engagement forward, you have to approach it from a strength-based perspective.

  • Begin with the top: Organizations in which management leads with a strength based initiative and attitude have 70% of their employees engaged. This means that you should focus on your own strengths when creating organizational initiatives, as well as employee strengths when assigning teams or giving compliments.
  • Create company-wide awareness: When you present a new mission to your employees, present it from a strengths-based point of view. You should articulate your organization’s strong points, and explain why your relevant strategy will breed success.
  • Focus performance reviews: Trying to tackle employee weaknesses or change where they strive best is not leading from a place of strength. Employees should know that you respect them for who they are, and when they are given positive feedback about a project, it should be oriented towards their strengths.
  • A strength based mission: When outlining your organizational mission, it should be focused around a sense of strength in providing quality and meaning for its beneficiaries and employees. That way, you attract people who want to hone in on their strengths to help spur the organizational mission along. It shows that your organizational culture is strength-based, leading to effectiveness in recruitment and output.


The most effective way to create a culture of engagement is to take employee strengths and help them grow. By focusing on areas in which leaders, employees and organizational successes thrive, you will enhance the aspects of your organization that have potential for increased and natural success.

(Harvard Business Review)


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