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Vaping is one of the most popular activities for young people and older people. This hobby captures the hearts of most of those who try to vape at least once in their lives. Perhaps the biggest issue in vaping is its positive and negative impact on human health. However, you can find a wealth of information advantages and disadvantages of vaping, both online and in print.

Instead, it is interesting to see how vaping is incorporated into other areas of human life. For example, many people are talking about new cleaning methods to eliminate the smell of vapor. They also discuss the impact of hobbies on human socialization. After all, vaping in the company always means more fun. Another important area of life that includes vaping is fashion.

Today, the number of vaping device models is astounding. Even in the smallest store, you can choose your device in various colors, shapes, and functionality. As for the online vape shop, there are many options to choose from. Although it is difficult to please everyone (because “each to his taste”), every online vape store tries to present the widest possible choice to their customers.

You may have questions about how it is related to fashion. Everything is rather simple! Previously, we also did not pay attention to the color of our smartphone, headphones or watch. However, over time, all of these accessories have changed their appearance to “fit” into our wardrobe. Similar processes have been happening on the market of vaping devices these days.

First Steps of Vaping Devices into the World of Fashion

Firstly, it is important to introduce the short history of vaping gaining today’s position in society. It all started with the promises of a safe alternative to smoking. However, trustworthy scientists and their qualitative research show that vaping can be extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, harsh pneumonia is far from being the worst possible outcome.

The next cutting issue is the pandemic use of vaping devices of those, who are underage. The beginning of the problem is connected to the vaping company JUUL. All the teens dreamed of Juul and the parents allowed that because there were no facts of vaping harm. Now, when the rules on vaping have become stricter, pupils still can use any vape shop online to make an order.

The government has started taking action against the spread of this bad practice. However, it is hardly possible to call this effect, especially taking into account the fact that vaping history in the United States lasts for more than a decade already. In addition, the sources of dangers caused by vaping exceed the limited ban imposed by the President.

Last, but never least is the fact that vaping as a part of fashion was firstly popularised by Leonardo DiCaprio in 2009. He has shown the range of vaping devices: each for a separate effect. While riding a bike, he used a massive vape pen. During the official ceremony, the e-cig was more elegant. This was the first push for common people to understand that a vape pen can be a trendy accessory.

Vape as a Trendy Accessory

The popularity of the device within schoolchildren or the use of a vape pen by a Hollywood star does not mean it will become fashionable stuff. However, in the case of vaping, this is only the top of the iceberg. There are some other facts, which reason the status of ‘a trendy accessory’ for a vape. Although there are no concrete criteria of what is fashionable, we can think of the most evident ones.

  1. High-Tech is a New Fashion

A vape pen is an electronic device. Today, this combination of words automatically makes it popular (for instance, iPhone, laptop, etc). Secondly, it can be found in an online vape shop and shipped worldwide. Thirdly, there exist a number of online communities for vapers and hashtag #vaping for other social networks. The modern generation is completely into electronic devices and the Internet.

  1. Social Statement is a New Fashion

A vape pen of a certain form or design can introduce your attitude towards the situation in political, economic, social, environmental, other spheres. Moreover, a vape pen can show your vision of yourself. Using a stylish minimalistic vape pod introduces you as a different person than using a brightly colored e nail. In addition, a vaping device can play a pivotal role in the completeness of your look.

  1. Culture is a New Fashion

Vaping has gone further than just showing off. Vape cafes, online vape communities, vaping competitions are all signs of a certain culture. If forty years ago people were bewildered with hippie, now they share similar feelings when they see vapers. In addition, vapers work on their image. They use all the opportunities that new technologies provide us with to promote their activity.

Specific Conditions of Vapes in Fashion

The truth is that not only vaping as an activity has become ‘fashionable’, but also fashion has become a bit ‘vaped’. It managed to get passed around in the industry gradually. The best online vape store can offer you a wide range of choices in cartridges, tanks, tips, covers, and more. This variety helps to accentuate details in an everyday look. Moreover, high fashion is taking up the initiative as well.

Watching translations from fashion weeks, you must have noticed that vaping devices have walked away from backstage. Models are confidently ranking past with vaping devices in their hands. Fashion designers understand the importance of keeping an eye on trends. They use the popularity of vapes to sell their own collections, which used to be a marketing rather than a social statement.

However, the personal use of vaping devices by celebrities (in particular – models) makes a stronger impact. Seeing a vape in an online vape shop is one thing, but seeing it in hands of Cara Delevingne or Kate Moss has a different effect. In fact, many celebrities also use social networks. They influence people all around the world this way. Sometimes, they promote vapes, vape pockets, or cartridges in all innocence.

The manufacturers, in turn, make the accessories wearable. This is made not only for promotion but also because holding the device all the time is simply annoying. For instance, you may wear a vape pod in a special ‘pocket’ or on chains. They are comparatively new on the market and might be not available in a usual store, but any online vape shop will try to have them first.

Vapes in Daily Fashion

To sum up, vaping is a device of everyday use. Vapers need it every day. This is why the majority of models are developed to be convenient and nice in routine usage. In addition, the common stereotypes of vapers automatically put these devices into the category of daily fashion. It is hardly possible to find a photo of a person in an evening gown with a vape whereas vape, hoodie, and sneakers are a common thing.


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