What makes up your workplace culture?


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What makes up your workplace culture?

When talking about organizational culture, the most important thing to note is not just how to improve it, but what it’s composed of.

Each workplace culture is unique and composed of multiple factors, but there are

4 essential qualities necessary in every workplace to make it a successful organization.

4 components of a workplace environment:

  1. Vision: The overarching goal of your organization should be represented by a mission statement. The goal of the mission statement is to provide your organization with a clearly stated purpose. It should be articulated in a simple fashion, stating your organization’s goals. Your mission statement will then guide decisions to align with your organization’s culture.
  2. Values: A vision sets the stage for the purpose of your organization, but values help achieve it. They do not need to be innovative, but they have to be genuine. Values guide employee interaction as well as beneficiary services and are a leading aspect of the workplace environment.
  3. Practices: It’s really important to have values which guide organizational practice, but even more important, perhaps, is making sure that they’re adhered to. If your organization promises to put its beneficiaries first, or that employees should feel comfortable speaking up and sharing ideas, then you must create an organizational culture that actually implements those values.
  4. People: If you have a vision or certain values that guide your workplace, you want your employees to be people who appreciate and represent them as well. They should be people who enhance the organizational culture that you are trying to maintain.

Understanding the root of your workplace environment can help you not only maintain, but also develop the fabric of your organization’s success.


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