WHAT NOW?? California Democrats Push Legislation Linking Israel To Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting


As California prepares for its democratic party convention, at least a dozen of the state’s democratic lawmakers have filed draft resolutions presenting the deadly shooting in Pittsburgh last October as the partial responsibility of the Israeli government.

According to Fox News, the latest resolution characterizes the attack on a Jewish house of worship as “the culmination of an alarming re-emergence of virulent antisemitism that is a core element of historical and currently resurgent white supremacism in the United States and around the world.”

It adds the “Israeli government, along with some of its U.S. backers welcomed support from Christian fundamentalist and ultra-right groups in the United States and abroad, dangerously ignoring their deeply rooted antisemitism while aligning with their virulent Islamophobia.”

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  1. This is a classic case of victimizing the victim. Here you have 11 Jews who were slaughtered in cold blood and Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Adam Schiff then go ahead and blame the Jews! The Democrat party has now become the Party of Hate. They should all resign over this. Then again, Democrat Pennsylvania Senator, Bob Casey, supports this hate within his party. He is a sleazy slimy backstabbing racist. Party first.

  2. “Israel welcoming support from anti-semites”?? Can anyone make a bit of sense of what this “legislation” is talking about?

  3. Terribly worded. Yet I agree Israel should not associate with xian fundamentalists who see the state of israel as a stage in their idol “second coming”.

    • But that is not their (their=Democrats) topic. Their topic boils down to blaming “xian fundamentalist” who support Israel (whatever their reason) as the core force behind the shooting the of Jews. At the same the Democrats themselves are just as much idol-worshippers with regard to their sexual perversions and baby slaughtering that they want to stuff down the throats (using government force) on everyone (excluding Muslims) but specifically on Christians and Jews.

  4. Any Jew supporting the Democratic Party is an idiot and a traitor. It doesn’t matter what some “askan” is pushing for some democratic candidate, or how much are they promising for some mosdos – in the long term, the Democratic Party is our enemy.


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