What Rav Shteinman Said About Gezeiros On Klal Yisroel

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rav-shteinmanA report in the Israeli chareidi media claimed that Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman said that because “evil gezeiros will be coming upon Klal Yisroel during the coming year,” Yidden should be engaging in tefillah and limud hatorah.

The remarks were ostensibly made at Yeshiva Orchos Torah in Bnei Brak.

However, an avreich who is closely connected to Rav Shteinman told Matzav.com Israel News Bureau that the report misrepresented Rav Shteinman’s statement.

“The rosh yeshiva didn’t chas v’shalom say that there are impending gezeiros. The rosh yeshiva wouldn’t be poseiach peh on Klal Yisroel by stating that,” he explained. “Rather, the rosh yeshiva said that there are dangers facing Klal Yisroel, and we need to daven and learn to create zechusim to counteract these dangers. But the rosh yeshiva did not predict that bad things would be happening to Klal Yisroel. That would be a misrepresentation of what Maran stated.”

The talmidim of Yeshiva Orchos Torah, Rav Shteinman’s yeshiva, has been mekabel additional sedorim to serve as zechusim for Klal Yisroel.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. And this is why no one listens to anything anymore.

    Take home lesson: put it in writing or it gets ignored

    Real take home lesson. words are powerful and valuable mostly when they are in short supply. Overwhelm the market and your words become less valuable

  2. how many times in the past few months have i said that R”L sad & tragic times are ahead for klal yisroel ahead? due to many reasons, among them.

    1)klal yisroel as a nation together-yes that includes me-has been given so many chances to change their ways & return to Hashem’s path of righteuousness but due to the problem of facing truth & reality everyone thinks their rightuous & we don’t change our ways. does anyone hear even WANT to hit their child? i don’t think so, but sometimes a father has no choice, when a child doesn’t learn the easy way then a parent needs to do it the hard way. THIS IS WHERE WE ARE HOLDING TODAY IN KLAL YISROEL, we were given years & years to change & mend our ways & return to Hashems way but now we waited too long to change & do teshuva

    2)we are now heading into the time of Mashiach ahead with anti-semitsm growing worldwide-to make the decree of Hashem, of the entire world hating klal yisroel-& Hashem is waiting for klal yisroel as a nation-together- to return back to him for the geula & for help i.e. noone else, not the rich or the rebbe’s, ETC… V’dorshei Hashem lo Yachsiru chol tov (for one that seeks out Hashem lacks nothing that is good. tehillim 34)

    3)many other reasons but too many to list

    may we all return to Hashem ASAP so mashiach comes, if not for mashiach then lets return for the month of trshuva of elul

  3. Learn and daven but don’t forget about those who you wronged. If people cry each night for the Churban brought on by a community member, at some point Hashem will move to correct things.

  4. Yehuda (comment #2) –

    If Rav Steinman shlit”a didn’t and wouldn’t say that gezeiros raos are ch”v coming, as per the story above, how can you? Are you on a higher madreiga than him?

  5. Why are you being Chosaid Bikshairim Klal Yisroel? Now is the time to be Milamed Zchus! Its time for you to take one on the chin for Klal Yisroel! Do us all a favor! Stop being a baby!

  6. #2, Yehuda, I don’t know to which nation you belong, but the klal yisroel that I see is as full of zechuyos as a rimon. Constant emphasis on learning and chesed. Parents giving up luxuries and having to scrape by to pay tuitions and the expenses of kosher food and housing in frum neighborhoods. The Jews are the biggest philanthropists and baalei tzedaka. Most are educated and contribute to society.

    We have countless schools and camps and programs for the handicapped. We emphasize not saying loshon hara and being kind to all.

    After being decimated in the holocaust we rose up and formed a super successful state that cares about every Jew anywhere, like Entebbe. We are the first to send doctors and aid to other countries when there is an earthquake.

    Just which nation have you found that you would trade places with?

    Aderaba, may the RBSH look down on his children and see how fine they are, and finally bring an end to their suffering.

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  8. A message from Moishela, ??”?
    a handicapped child
    Yud Aleph Cheshvan 5772
    November 8, 2011
    We’ve Lost Our Kedusha

    Am Yisrael, we’re a stiff-necked people. A people that with our stubbornness have managed Be’ezras Hashem to get through most of our time in our Golus, with our
    stubbornness to keep our faith, our closeness to Hashem, our sacred Torah. We have fought with determination to keep ourselves holy, at least up to this
    generation. But since we have entered the last stage before the Geula, things have
    drastically changed. The main thing that we have lost is our Kedusha, and with it our true belief and trust in HaKodosh Boruch Hu, Hashem Yishmor.

    Of course the fact that I’ve made such a statement will make you cry out against my words and say, “But we have never had so many yeshivas. We have never had so many Frum Yidden living kosher lives. We have never had so many Minyanim, so many thousands of Jewish children with Payos and Tznius going to Jewish schools, to Frum schools, to ultra-orthodox schools. We’re in good shape. Why are you
    saying such terrible things?”
    And I will answer “The lie! The lie! We want to believe the lie!”
    Truthfully we are only a shadow of what we once were.
    Our determination shows itself only in business. Our stubbornness is only when were fighting against Tznius.

    We have become an Am without a heart. Our heart has become like the Goyim; superficial and looking only for the delights of this world. Yes, we dress it up in Ruchnius. We dress it up in learning Torah. We dress it up in many things, but most of the Frum Yidden today are actively worshipping the Egel HaZahav, even though they dress it up in Tzitzis and a Yarmulka. I’ve said similar things many times, but today things have changed more drastically. Today a Yid was Niftar, a Yid who was a Tzaddik. A Yid who fought with his illness of Parkinson’s, not willing to take medications so that his memory would not be
    affected, so that he could continue to learn Torah in the highest way.

    This Rav, Nosson Tzvi Finkel was a Tzaddik. He was Niftar on Rochel Imeinu’s Yahrzeit. It’s not by chance that suddenly he was taken from this world by a massive heart attack. It was not by chance that it was on Rochel Imeinu’s Yahrzeit. So many Tzaddikim have been taken from us in the last months, and certainly in the last years, Tzaddikim from every group of Yidden: Sephardim, Ashkenazim, Litvish, Chassidish, etc. But today was a special day.

    Today at the funeral of Rav Finkel ZT”L, came the end of the period before the final curtain goes down on the Golus. The death of Rav Finkel brings us into a new era, to an era of much suffering, great wars and much death. We are a stiff necked people and the characteristic that we have is working now against us. We are working against Hashem. We have turned our Yiddishkeit to a lie, and we believe, for the most part, our own lies and anyone who’s trying to get back to the truth is criticized and attacked and worse. But my dear Yidden, as much as Hashem has pounded us with tragedies, still we are stiff-necked and we don’t want to listen.
    So many people have died from Machalas, from illnesses. So many people died from violent accidents. So many people have died suddenly from unknown causes. So many orphans, Lo Aleinu so many widows, Lo Aleinu, so many widowers, Lo Aleinu. Still we are stiff-necked and we don’t want to listen.
    So now we are moving into a new phase. A phase that will destroy two thirds of the world. A phase that will bring tragedy and fear from every direction. Those Jews
    who stubbornly stick to the Egel HaZahav, hold on to its tail very tightly, refusing to let go, will suffer and disappear because they’re not real Jews. They can’t be real Jews. They lost every semblance of a Jewish heart, any semblance of a Jewish Neshoma. The real Jews that were at Har Sinai yearn to go back to truth, and yearn to be what Hashem really wants us to be. Those Jews, Be’ezras Hashem, will
    survive! But again, my words are similar to the other words that I have spoken already, but I just want you to know that according to the timetable we have now moved into a new situation. Rav Finkel gave up a life that would be easier on him with his illness that would be easier for him to suffer through his illness, for the sake of Torah. He was Moser Nefesh for the sake of Torah. He was Moser Nefesh to this Mirrer Yeshiva that became so famous and so great.

    I wonder how many of us are being Moser Nefesh for our Yiddishkeit. Not many, not many at all, But those who are Moser Nefesh, who are Moser Nefesh for the basic values of Yiddishkeit, will reap great
    rewards. I only wish that all the Bochurim in Mir were as big Tzaddikim, or at least learned from their Rosh Yeshiva. But unfortunately in most of our yeshivas today HaKodosh Boruch Hu is not invited in, and the yeshiva Bochurim are taught to learn but not taught to feel Hashem. They speak the right words but don’t always act in the right way because they don’t feel, they don’t feel what it is to be a true Yid. They often don’t have the refinement and the modesty and the delicacy of
    being a true Yid. They’re wound up in all kinds of toys, all kinds of telephones, all kinds of Shtusim that are forbidden in most Yeshivas, but are accepted as normal the minute they walk out of Yeshiva. And of course the streets, the Frum streets, are full of restaurants and all kinds of
    entertainments all kinds of so-called Frum entertainments which destroy our Jewish feelings, our Jewish hearts. And so, lately our Tzaddikim are suffering massive heart attacks because the Jewish people do not have a Jewish heart in most cases.

    Where are those Jewish faces? Where are the Yiddishe Punims? Almost no child today has a Yiddishe Punim. They don’t look Temimusdik. They look hard. They often have the look of the Olam Hazeh. What else can I say? I just will say this closing thought for you who are true Yidden. Look at your children. Look at your wives. Look at your husbands. Look at your mothers and your fathers. Look at the
    pictures of your grandparents, your great grandparents and look what is happening to you. You’re loosing your Yiddishkeit. You’re loosing your Yiddishe Punim. You’re loosing your Olam Habah. If you lose your Olam Habah, chas vesholom, you’ve lost life. Do you want to loose your eternity? Are you so stiff-necked that you’re willing to loose your eternity for Pizza, for fancy Bar Mitzvas, for lack of Tznius, for your lust? Do you want to loose eternity for things that disappear in an instant? That’s the greatest lie!
    Am Yisrael it’s your choice. No one can force you. No one could take this stubborn Am and force them to do anything. Most of the Yidden are going stubbornly against Yiddishkeit, they are seemingly going towards Yiddishkeit, but its not real Yiddishkeit. They’re going towards the lie. They’re adopting it in the most terrible
    way. On the other hand, you have the true Yidden who with their stubbornness will save the world, because they’re trying to reestablish Yiddishkeit the way it should

    Am Yisrael, this is all I can say. I can only give a little bit of Chizuk to those stiffnecked strong Jews who are stubbornly trying to keep their Yiddishkeit intact,
    because the rest of you are only going to snicker at my words.
    You say what is the connection between Rochel Imeinu’s Yartzeit and HaravNosson Tzvi Finkel’s petira? Rochel Imeinu was buried where she is in order to help Am Yisroel. Travelers, the Yidden that were looking for the truth, for Hashem they could come to her easily
    and Daven she should give them Chizuk. The people traveling to Eretz Yisroel, leaving Eretz Yisroel. But in our day and age, people searching for HaKodosh
    Boruch Hu and searching for help. Mama Rochel, we come to her as a mother, and we pour out our hearts and we beg her to go to HaKodosh Boruch Hu and save us. Because this is the time when we’re going into a different situation, a much more serious situation much closer to the end, it was only fitting that the Tzaddik would be taken on her Yarzeit which would hopefully make Am Yisroel think a little bit, Daven a little bit to Hashem to save us. Whether they actually went to Mama Rochel and begged her to speak for us, to ask Hashem for us, or whether we asked Hashem in her Zechus to save us, or whether we just lit a Lecht and stood by the Lecht and asked her to be our representative. Whichever way it goes, its a sign to Am Yisroel that its time now to change our ways, to come closer to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, and to try to look, act, and Daven and learn like true Yidden.

  9. i have a tape of the shmuz. he said that there are two great dangers facing klal yisroel: iran and the zionist draft. the two are connected as the attacks on torah cause dangers to the jewish people. he also said that the kavod hatorah at the siyum hashas helped a lot.

  10. yehuda you r a joke.

    klal yisrael- we jews say k.v. tova. Tova means good.
    Happy days r coming.
    Happy days are here agian.
    Its going to be a great year.
    “Hatov” ki lo cholu rachamecho!

  11. After reading through most of the comments people are leaving back,I feel we must address 1 main point: MATZAV is not,or perhaps SHOULD NOT be intended for us to criticise each other,we dont neccesarilly have to agree with each others views,and even if one feels someone has gone TOO FAR,we can and surely give over our rebuke in a refined,polite manner
    which usually gets accepted.Now just before YOM HADIN lets focus on the good in others,and this ZECHUS will b’h help for G-D to focus on our good deeds ,which is what we urgently need to be ZOCHE to a KSIVA V’CHASIMA TOVA.

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  13. Yehuda what do you know about Hashems plans? If you are so concerned about the impending gezeirois, you would be busy learning and davening. Yet you find the time to copy and paste your foolish rants. Somehow we all get the feeling you are a fake phony fraud.

  14. to dd
    i wish this was a joke, you wonder what i could be doing up at 4:00am writing this? but the bottom line is that when so much tzaros strikes klal yisroel R”L & doesn’t stop, we ALL need to take a moment & stop to face truth & reality & make a cheshbon hanefesh (especially now before rosh hashana) & then ask ourselves one question. why would Hashem do such tragic events to his loving nation klal yisroel? that Hashem loves & will always love-no matter how low we go R”L

    the one answer i can tell you is that, when tzaros is given R”L but noone wakes up to them & asks why is Hashem doing this to us? then Hashem needs to continue R”L until we wake up & return to Hashem with teshuva (especially now in elul)

    I wish you & everyone Hatzlacha & hope we will all start to face Hashem with truth & reality & start doing teshuva asa nation so Mashiach comes ASAP

    May Hashem send everyone a Ksiva Vchasima tova

    just finished davening on behalf of klal yisroel tzaros to end it & its almost time to daven again on behalf of klal yisroel for Hashem to finally end this terrible tzaros thats destroying klal yisroel R”L


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