What Type of Humidifier is Right For You?

Humidifier spreading steam into the living room
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A humidifier is a humidifier, so you shouldn’t need to spend any extra time or effort into making sure you pick out the exact right one for your needs, right? For the most part, you’ll be getting the same experience whether you opt for a warm mist vs cool mist humidifier, right? 

Wrong. There are so many differences, not only between different types of humidifiers but between different brands of humidifiers. It’s important that you do your research when picking out a humidifier for your home. 

Why Do I Need a Humidifier? 

If you suffer from allergies, dry skin, cracked lips, nose bleeds, and experience the feeling of “dry air” within your home, you might want to pick up a humidifier. It’s also a good idea to have a humidifier on deck in case anyone gets sick with a cold or the flu. 

Most people thrive in humidity levels between 30 and 60%. In the cold winter months, your home may easily slip beneath these levels and cause sleeping problems, nasal congestion, and more. 

Benefits of Using a Humidifier

You’ll begin to feel the effects of a dry home before you notice it around you. Your hands will become cracked and dry and your scalp may begin to feel flakey. You might experience a stuffy nose or difficulty breathing because of swollen or irritated nasal passages. 

If you have asthma or seasonal allergies, a dry home can actually make associated symptoms worse. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a humidifier if your home is overly dry. You can improve your breathing ability, soothe your nasal passages, and get a better night’s sleep with your humidifier plugged in. 

Warm Mist vs. Cool Mist Humidifiers 

There are many different types of humidifiers, but the biggest debate comes down to the warm mist and cool mist options. What are the differences, what are they used for, and which one should you buy for your home? 

What is a Warm Mist Humidifier

A warm mist humidifier has an internal heating element that boils the water that you pour into the container, releasing warm steam instead of a cool mist. A warm mist humidifier is a great option if you’re looking for help with decongestion, irritated nasal passages, or a sinus infection. 

You can add chest ointment or essential oil to your warm mist humidifier in order to kick up the benefits and kick your cold to the curb. 

While a warm mist humidifier is great for decongesting your face, it can also cause burns if the water is too hot or if the product malfunctions. For this reason, you should keep it away from children and be careful when using it for yourself. 

What is a Cool Mist Humidifier

A cool-mist humidifier uses a fan to emit water vapor into your environment. This isn’t steam, so it’s slightly colder. A cool-mist humidifier is a great way to introduce humidity into a larger environment. It can help soothe cracked hands, dry hair and skin, and irritated nasal passages. 

If you’re not feeling congested, the cool-mist humidifier is a great option. They’re also often cheaper to buy and operate when compared to warm mist humidifiers. 

Which Should I Buy?

Which type of humidifier you purchase is completely up to you. If you’re trying to focus on decongestion, you may want to invest in a warm mist humidifier, as the steam can really help clear your nasal passages. 

If you’re more focused on the benefits to your skin, hair, and sleeping ability, the cool-mist humidifier is probably the best option for your needs. 

You can even get more expensive humidifiers that have both options built-in one.


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