A Look at Olmert’s Time In Prison

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ehud olmertRenovations at the 10th prison ward at Maasiyahu Prison, where Ehud Olmert will serve his sentence for the Holyland Case, will come to an end in about two weeks, Jerusalem Online reports. The former Prime Minister will report to the prison on the 15th of February.

Despite the fact that his sentence was substantially reduced, and that after further reductions he may find himself serving less than a year’s time, Olmert is expected to go through a crisis in prison. “The first thing is what’s called ‘imprisonment shock’ in the professional literature,” explained retired warden Chaim Glick. “Suddenly a person goes from doing what he wants – especially a former Prime Minister – to becoming someone who does what he is told. Wakeups, eating times, the type of food – everything is determined by others.”

Olmert’s daily routine will start at four in the morning. Four times a day, he will report for roll call. Most of his time in between will probably be spent reading at the jail club, but he is also expected to take part in cleaning chores in the cells, as well as gardening.

There are six cells in the special ward where Olmert will be held, with three beds in each cell. The other prisoners that will be held alongside Olmert are those who require special security arrangements, as well as other public officials.

“He needs to remember that when he’s there, he’s not the prime minister, not the mayor, but just Ehud, another person like everyone else,” stated former Health Minister Shlomo Benizri, who served time in the ward. “The guys around him, the guards and the prisoners, don’t like people who come from previous status.” Benizri said that one of the main challenges Olmert will be dealing with was the strict uniform policy.

But the heaviest burden throughout the term of imprisonment, according to the former MK, is the loneliness and the long time spent away from home. “The real punishment in imprisonment is that at the end of the day you don’t come home – not on yomim tovim, not on weekends. You’re alone with yourself, and it’s a great pain.”

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  1. A little, just a little, I feel badly for him. But he was so pompous that this will help cut him down to size! He let many people down with his lifestyle and demeanor both during and after hos term in office. Now he’ll do a prison term!

  2. We feel for Olmert!

    However – Binfol Oiyevecha Al Tismach – the specter of the GUSH KATIF GERUSH horror claims another perp who was PM right afterwards and did little for the resettlement for these brave and wonderful Jewish communities chased from their lifes investment and everything turned to desolation.


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