WHAT’S REAL? Zelensky Adviser Hints That Putin Sent Body Double to Ukraine

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A top adviser to the Ukrainian government appears to be claiming that President Putin is sending body doubles to public events in his place. Anton Gerashchenko tweeted three recent pictures of the Russian president—including two that purported to show Putin venturing into disputed territories inside Ukraine. Red circles were drawn beneath his chin in all three images in an apparent claim that they cannot be the same man.

An image of Putin in Crimea on March 18 appears to show a heavier jowl than subsequent photos taken in Mariupol, which is under Russian control in Ukraine, and Moscow. It may simply be the case that some of the photos were more unflattering than others, but Gerashchenko asked: “Which one do you think is the real one?” Read more. 


  1. There are other ways to check: shape of face/head, ears, the build, the hands, the walk. The voice is trickier because someone who doesn’t know Putin’s voice won’t be able to tell. Scarring from cosmetic surgery might be visible too.

    • The voice is actually the easiest as they have a voice changing technology which actors playing their roles use. The hardest are eyes and mouth which actors use their own. The original Adam Schiff, for instance, had bulging eyes. Go find an actor with such eyes. The original Nancy Pelosi’s mouth was different than the actors. The original Biden looks very different and so does the original Netanyahu.


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