WhatsApp Now Lets You Edit Messages With A 15-Minute Time Limit

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WhatsApp has made a highly anticipated announcement today regarding a new feature—message editing.

In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that users now have the ability to modify a message within a 15-minute window after sending it. To make changes, simply press and hold on the message, then select the edit option. Edited messages will be tagged with an “edited” label next to the timestamp, indicating the modification. However, the app does not keep a record of correction history, and other users cannot view previous versions of edited messages.

“We’re thrilled to offer you more control over your conversations, allowing you to correct spelling errors or provide additional context to a message. To do this, simply tap and hold the message you want to edit for a moment, then select ‘Edit’ from the menu,” stated the company in a blog post.

Previously, users had to either delete a message entirely or send a separate message as a correction. Last year, the messaging app extended the time limit for message deletion from 48 hours to 60 hours.

While competitors like Telegram and Signal have long provided message editing capabilities, Apple introduced the ability to edit and unsend messages sent via iMessage with the release of iOS 16. Twitter also introduced an edit button for paid users last year. Although the time frame for modifying a message on WhatsApp is not as generous as Telegram’s 48-hour window, it is still an improvement.

Deleting a message doesn’t completely remove it from the conversation; instead, it is replaced with a grayed-out note stating, “This message was deleted.”

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, stated that the feature is currently rolling out to users and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.



  1. Will it appeal to kosher? I quit twitter and facebook and feel glad.

    Have I missed all the goyim and unorthodox jews? No.

  2. Thanks Matzav for encouraging tech, it makes life so much manageable and I can overlook the small cost of exposure toindecentpics and stories unfitfor proper menchen. After all, with these time saving tips, I’m able to save more time to apply toward Torah study and performance of mitzvos toward bringing Moshiach, which ending saying always makes the statement said a good one.

  3. I still do not understand the new jewish paradigm to hunt out smart devices.

    Indecent pics are growing in a corner you should not touch. When I use my devices for news it enhances my health.

    A sinner is a sinner. He can relent and feel free to think Hashem agrees. The idea of closing down important lines of business is wrong.


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