WhatsApp Will Share Your Phone Number With Facebook


You might choose not to share your account information under WhatsApp’s latest policy change for relevant ads on Facebook, but that does not mean the messaging platform will not share your phone number with the social media website, Nisheeth Upadhyay reports for Hindustan Times.

WhatsApp will give your contact details to Facebook for purposes other than ads even if you opt out, a WhatsApp spokesperson confirmed, contradicting reports that users can choose not to share details such as their phone number.

The choice is limited to whether or not Facebook can use your information for relevant ads and suggesting people you can friend.

“If you choose to opt out, this means Facebook won’t be able to suggest friends or improve the ads you see based on your WhatsApp number,” the spokesperson told Hindustan Times in an email interview on Friday.

When asked, however, if phone numbers will still be shared, the spokesperson said: “…the phone number is being shared with Facebook, but it will not be in the public domain. Also some basic device information is being shared: mobile carrier code, identifier, mobile country code.”

This policy marks a significant change in the stand by WhatsApp, a messaging service that has more than a billion users. When it was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion two years ago, WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum promised to protect user data, saying the deal will not affect their privacy stance. Read more at Hindustan Times.



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