#WhatTheWorldHasComeTo: Vigil Held for Cow Shot and Killed in Queens, NY, After Wild Police Chase

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  1. What a mooving story. It behooves us to accept this as a bovine occurrence. When we first herd this story we thought it was bull, but it turns out our beef was baloney. Misteaks happen and during one’s daily grind oxidents can ocowr. Please forgive me for butchering this post and flanks for reading it.

  2. From this week’s פרשה:

    וְכִי-יִגֹּף שׁוֹר-אִישׁ אֶת-שׁוֹר רֵעֵהוּ, וָמֵת–וּמָכְרוּ אֶת-הַשּׁוֹר הַחַי, וְחָצוּ אֶת-כַּסְפּוֹ, וְגַם אֶת-הַמֵּת, יֶחֱצוּן

    These vigil-goers must have translated and darshened the Pasuk like this:

    And when an ox-like man harms his friend’s ox and it dies, they must sell the living ox [the man] into jail and fine him for half his net worth, and also the dead ox, they will use to divide the world in half [those who treat animals as equal to humans and those Torah-loving, G-d-fearing ignoramuses who don’t].


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